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Mythical's VERY LONG labour story.

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Mythical Tue 22-May-12 21:30:57

Hi everyone. I finally got around to writing this down in one go. I used my own very long and unintentional labour thread for reference here

LATENT PHASE - skip this if you want to get to the happy bit!

It was Monday night/Tuesday morning (around 1 am), the 8th of may, when i started getting tightenings across my bump that were also a bit painful. I was already 5 days overdue after my scan due date (due date by LMP was may 9th). I did nothing about them initially as i was still quite comfortable at home and i had an appointment on Wednesday so i just waited for that.

After a bad night's sleep i went to my appointment. Tightenings were getting more painful and slightly closer together at that point - around 10-12 minutes apart and it was getting very difficult to sleep through them. I had my last scan to check everything was okay - she was estimated to weigh around 8 lbs and everything looked good!

Midwife asked me if i want to be examined and given a stretch & sweep and i said yes. Turns out the cervix was favourable - open a bit and thinning out so she was positive things were going to happen soon! Booked my induction for Thursday 17th of may just in case.

Wednesday night (may 9th) things were still happening - pains were getting quite strong now, varying between 6 and 12 minutes apart. no chance of sleep but i was happy to manage them at home. i gave the ward a ring on thursday morning (may 10th) to let them know and they said if i am still getting the pains by the evening or if they are getting any worse come in to be examined.

Fast forward to friday morning (may 11th) i was in a lot of pain so we decided to go in to get checked out - we didn't take my bags with me as we assumed i was going to be sent home but having had no proper sleep since monday night i was absolutely shattered and desperate for some sort of relief so i could go to sleep! At this point contractions were painful and varying between 6 to 15 mins apart with no break longer than 40 minutes. I had an examination and it appeared i was 2 cms dilated (so the pains were doing something! hurrah!) and th midwife said we can go home now but keep active, she expects to see us back by lunchtime in labour! She told me to come back when they get closer together.

We went back home a lot more positive despite my lack of sleep - went for a very long walk around the countryside hoping it will get things started! Contractions very painful (had to pant through them) between 6 and 19 minutes apart. A bit dissapointed by Friday night when contractions were still not getting closer - i did not want to go back in just to be sent home again.

Friday night/Saturday Morning (may 12th) around 3 am - they were getting very very bad - i relented and let my husband ring the ward - they said fine, come in to be examined. I was in a great deal of pain by this point and after having had very little sleep since monday night i was just in a very bad place. We got to the hospital and i was examined by a midwife only to be told i'm still only 2 cms and cervix hasn't even thinned out fully. I was in so much pain, i asked if they could do anything and they just gave me some codeine. Whilst they were monitoring me they told me they are not picking up the pains as contractions and they are probably just bad SPD pains as they were not regular and further than 5 minutes apart . When i asked if bad spd pains come roughly every 10 minutes and last 1 min 20 sec each they didn't know what to say. I was sent home with a sleeping pill to hopefully let me get some rest. I was told I was not in labour and probably not close to it either and it's quite normal to be 1-2 cms dilated for weeks.

We got home on saturday morning at 5 AM. My poor husband didn't know what to do at this point, he was feeling so bad he couldn't help me. I took the sleeping pill hoping it would help but it only gave me a tight chest and shortness of breath. Pains were far too strong to sleep through. I got up and went for a bath at 6 am as i couldn't lie in bed. I stopped timing the pains as they were nowhere near regular. I was just feeling so hopeless at that point, I got out at 9 Am as water was getting cold and it wasn't helping at all. I remember shutting all the doors between me and DH and just going downstairs so i wouldn't disturb him. It was 11 by the time he came downstairs, he found me leaning over the sofa sobbing between contractions and screaming in pain when each one hit (still irregular - nowhere near 5 minutes apart)I briefly remember a conversation along the lines of dh:"we are going back in right now!" me:"i don't want to go in again, they will send me home! i can't be in labour they are not 5 minutes apart!!" dh:"then i am taking you to a&e this is NOT NORMAL!" As another contraction hit i heard him being quite angry down the phone to someone and then he grabbed my handbag (and me) and shoved me in a taxi.

We got to the labour ward around lunchtime - i had nothing with me apart from my notes - Labour bag was in MIL's car and she was at work! i was told to lie down on the bed and wait for someone. i told them i can't sit down. When they finally came to see me, they told me they will examine me (this time!) even though the contractions weren't close together and i also got told i could have some more codeine if i wanted as they keep the stronger stuff for people that are actually in labour. I was also told "i would know" when the real contractions hit (i was wailing in pain at this point).

After (finally) getting my examination I was told i was 6 Cms dilated and promptly started being fussed around by several midwives and injected with Diamorphine. I vaguely remember saying something about my birth plan and my water birth before dozing off.

ACTIVE LABOUR!!! - friday 12th of may - lunchtime.

Shortly afterwards the diamorphine started working its magic and i was soon laughing down the phone to my friend telling her what a nice day it was outside.I asked to be taken off constant monitoring as i wanted to move around. I was soon flat out on the bed though (i was reminded at this point that i have had little sleep since monday.) only waking up every 10 minutes or so to go on the gas and air during contractions.

After around 2 hrs they examined me again and i had made little progress so they asked me if i would like my waters broken. I had a think about it we agreed it would probably be the best course of action at this point. After my waters had gone my contractions got closer together but still not regular. i was a lot more awake at this point and was in active birthing mode, bouncing on my ball and pacing around the room between contractions.

Things went on like this for a while and at my next examination i was 8 CMS. UNfortunately as contractions were STILL not regular they suggested i go on a hormone drip to intensify them and make this phase shorter and i agreed. They also suggested an epidural due to my tireness and the fact that the hormone drip will make them much stronger. I had a think about it and decided as they were strong enough and this could go on for hours, i would go for the epidural. After a 45 minute procedure to put that huge needle in (something i never ever want to repeat in my life) I thought great - i can rest now and let the drip do the work to dilate me to full!

I was wrong. the epidural only worked on one side so i was still getting awful contractions on my left side. They tried to readjust it (didn't work) and they had a doctor in talking about re inserting it by the time i started feeling the urge to push. I was examined once more and found to be fully dilated, I had the option of re-doing the epidural or starting to push. I opted for pushing!

After a brief explanation about how this pushing stage works i was warned that they would let me go for around an hour, monitor me and if the baby is fine perhaps a bit longer but if she wasn't out yet i would probably need assisted delivery. I think that talk might have changed what happened next as I started pushing at 21:05. Isabel Helen (8 lbs 7 oz) was born at 21:25 after a frantic running around from the midwives as they didn't even have the injection for the placenta ready or the newborn trolley!

Apparently just before her head crowned the (fairly shocked) midwives asked me what i'm feeling! DH said i sounded a bit like MR T when i screamed back at them "PAIN!!!!!!!"

We are falling in love with her a bit more as each day passes and i genuinely don't care about the week of slow labour i had to endure. It was all worth it!

I had a 2nd degree tear and stiches are still painful but apart from that we're both doing well

pictures on my profile smile

5inthebed Tue 22-May-12 21:34:01

Congratulations, she is gorgeous.

BlueCrane Tue 22-May-12 22:34:55

Thanks for posting that...I am only 39 weeks but getting tightenings, back pain and hardly slept last night so am wondering whether things are starting to happen...but really hoping they go quicker than you had to endure through!! Also hopng I do get some sleep tonight as I am shattered!

Huge congrats on the arrival of Isabel though!!!

alwaysanauntie Wed 23-May-12 08:38:41

Well done for coping with such a long labour mythical, so pleased you're home with your little girl, lovely isn't it?! grin

maples Wed 23-May-12 08:54:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VictoriaWould Thu 24-May-12 01:09:50

Ah, how lovely! Thank you for sharing.

fridakahlo Thu 24-May-12 01:18:05

Yes, officially labour does not start until your 3-4 cms and having reguler contractions. Which means with my ds, my offical labour time was around seven hours, the actual labour time imo, was closer to 28 hours!

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