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baby elliott is here!

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elliott Tue 02-Dec-03 22:07:44

Well, I was right - he's a boy! labour was a fairly leisurely 9 hours or so, completely different from ds1. he weighed in at 9lb 2oz (glad I wasn't expecting that!!) - a full 2lb more than ds1 - but the midwives were great and I have no stitches or tears, so I feel quite proud of myself! Home birth was great, so nice not to have to go anywhere. Will post the full story on the homebirth thread.
We can't stop looking at the new little bundle lying beside us - we're so lucky

pupuce Tue 02-Dec-03 22:08:11

This is fab news - Elliott enjoy him !
Hope you get a good night's rest .... cuddled up!

janh Tue 02-Dec-03 22:10:23

Congratulations, elliott! Welcome to baby El. Look forward to the birth story.

CountessDracula Tue 02-Dec-03 22:14:54

Fantastic Elliot, sounds like a brilliant birth! Welcome to little baby xx

sobernow Tue 02-Dec-03 22:16:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rhubarb Tue 02-Dec-03 22:24:45

Well done Elliott! I'm so jealous! Glad everything went well for you and hope you can savour the moments now!

pie Tue 02-Dec-03 22:34:30

Well done and congratulations

Blu Tue 02-Dec-03 22:56:30

Welcome, welcome little elliot, and congratulations.

Demented Tue 02-Dec-03 22:56:38


samACon Tue 02-Dec-03 23:20:19


hoxtonchick Tue 02-Dec-03 23:24:33

well done

ScummyMummy Wed 03-Dec-03 00:56:09

Oh well done, elliott. Many congratulations.

Angeliz Wed 03-Dec-03 01:11:47

congratulations elliot

Newt Wed 03-Dec-03 01:21:02

great news elliot. look forward to the full story

fisil Wed 03-Dec-03 06:45:13

Congrtulations. Sounds like a dream!

emmatmg Wed 03-Dec-03 07:19:21

Congratulayion and welcome mini elliott

motherinferior Wed 03-Dec-03 08:18:45

Oh honey, how very very lovely. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hulababy Wed 03-Dec-03 08:59:01


doormat Wed 03-Dec-03 09:18:59

congratulations elliot
and welcome to the world baby ell

SpringChicken Wed 03-Dec-03 09:28:30

Congratulations Elliott - Sounds wonderful!

Give yourself a big pat on the back

suedonim Wed 03-Dec-03 09:29:33


M2T Wed 03-Dec-03 09:32:06

How wonderful Elliot! 9lb 2 and NO stitches.... well done!

Has anyone had a hospital birth recently?? Seems homebirths are definitely popular.

popsycal Wed 03-Dec-03 09:37:22

i could never have a home births.....woul dhave to tidy my bedroom up first

popsycal Wed 03-Dec-03 09:37:35

congrats by the way, elliot!

florenceuk Wed 03-Dec-03 10:02:20

Congratulations - I'm really impressed, no stitches! Sounds lovely, enjoy your new DS.

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