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Anyone up? Just had a baby!

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JambalayaCodfishPie Mon 23-Apr-12 01:04:31

That's it really.

6lb15oz of adorable girly loveliness - on her due date, at 9.50pm.

Super quick, mega brill delivery, except now I'm wide awake and DP has had to go home.

Talk to me, about anything!

maras2 Mon 23-Apr-12 01:32:44


BarryStar Mon 23-Apr-12 01:36:26

Oh that's lovely news. Congratulations. Are you just sitting gazing adoringly at her? Try really hard to remember these precious first few hours, they are so special. Hope you and your new family have a happy and healthy future.

TeaJunky Mon 23-Apr-12 01:39:40

Awwwww <weeps>

Welcome to the world baby Nancy grin

<weeps some's ok, I'm eight weeks pregnant...everyone's already learnt to ignore it grin>


Bunsouttheoven Mon 23-Apr-12 01:41:12

Hey jambalaya well a massive congratulations to you on behalf of the april ladies threads. Wa hoo.

What a clever girl Nancy is arriving on her designated day. What a clever mum for achieving said arrival. Well donesmile

I'm up feeding my new bundle of joy & saw your news on our thread.

Love your dd's name. Does she look like her big sister?

TheWisdomOfSolomum Mon 23-Apr-12 02:08:10

Congratulations thanks

Can I borrow her? Pretty, pretty please!

Grumpla Mon 23-Apr-12 02:11:37

Congratulations! The first of many sleepless nights...

Enjoy her squishy littleness smile

MrsJoeDuffy Mon 23-Apr-12 02:15:59

Huge congrats! It's such a beautiful time.

kipperandtiger Mon 23-Apr-12 02:17:54

Congratulations Jamabalaya thanks!! Hope you are managing to get some rest and not too sore. Beautiful name!

dreamingbohemian Mon 23-Apr-12 02:21:02


Is she your first?

Ah I miss the snuffling, so so cute...

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 23-Apr-12 02:25:20

Awwww! envy

thatisall Mon 23-Apr-12 02:25:53

Nancy!? Oh such a lovely name. Congratulations xxxx

SwedishEdith Mon 23-Apr-12 02:29:11

How fantastic! [flowers] Congratulations <I love the casualness of this thread title>

SwedishEdith Mon 23-Apr-12 02:29:44

thanks doh!

VintageNancy Mon 23-Apr-12 02:30:43

Just saw the news on the April thread. Congratulations!! And what a fantastic name grin!

SweetGrapes Mon 23-Apr-12 02:35:03

Congratulations! Mine don't snuffle anymore. That is such a good time. You've taken me right back.....
and lovely name. I like Nancy smile

Here's a stuffed dragon and some thanks just for you.<How do you do a [teddy]??>
Did you have your brew and [toast] or was it just a biscuit?

JambalayaCodfishPie Mon 23-Apr-12 04:04:24

Awww, thanks all.

Still wide awake! Very tired though, won't lie. grin

Room-sharer on ward snores like crazy. Not Nancy, that'd be cute. grin

SweetGrapes Mon 23-Apr-12 04:10:45

My room sharers are snoring too. That's why I'm on here. Dh is snoring away and dd came in at 3 and fell asleep. They are both all elbows, knees and snores!

Snuffles were so much nicer!!

PoppyWearer Mon 23-Apr-12 04:11:13

Congratulations! thanks

Hi Nancy! <waves>

SweetGrapes Mon 23-Apr-12 04:12:23

around 2 not 3. I need to go back and roll them both over...

GinPalace Mon 23-Apr-12 04:15:02

OOOooo that makes being awake at this ungodly hour worth it - welcome to the world Nancy!!

Congratulations Jambalaya and great you had a smooth delivery ! grin

Really pleased for you and all the best.

Does your bundle of luff have any hair <wants to picture the l'il gorgeousness>

youvegottabekiddingme Mon 23-Apr-12 04:16:15

so lovely....congratulations!

ChasedByBees Mon 23-Apr-12 04:18:03

Congratulations, and welcome to the world Nancy! thanks

IsSpringSprangedYet Mon 23-Apr-12 04:27:13

Congratulations!! xx

Tinwe Mon 23-Apr-12 04:51:24

Congratulations Jambalaya thanks
I'm so envious of your labour! I'm awake and having contractions but things aren't regular/speeding up so I'm letting everyone sleep for now.
Hope you get some sleep soon.
Shame your DH had to go home but hopefully you'll get to go home soon too and start adjusting to your new arrival as a family smile

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Mon 23-Apr-12 05:03:55

Massive congrats, and boo to staying in. I've had to twice and didn't sleep a wink either times sad

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