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ElenMumsnetBloggers (MNHQ) Fri 02-Mar-12 15:48:44

Hi tripletmumplus1,

We're moving this thread to 'birth announcements' because we feel you may get more of a response there.

tripletmumplus1 Fri 02-Mar-12 13:05:35

Im really pleased for the family who have recently had 'Quads' in Bristol. Sooo pleased mum and babies are doing well. I have 4 yr old naturally concieved identical girl triplets and a 5yr old girl, although they'll probably hate people comparing twins or even triplets to the quads as it annoys me when people assume triplets are the same as having twins...I can in a small way understand the overwhelming feeling of having such small delicate little lives fill you with joy and fear at the same time!! What a blessing they will be to the family as my girls are to mine, and what a huge privelage to experience the things most people will never see or realise. All my best to the mum, dad and big brother on the birth of 4 little miracles! x

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