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Triplet girls have arrived :)

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kentDee Thu 01-Mar-12 21:10:15

My triplet girls have arrived safe and sound.
Isabelle was 4lb 3oz, Holly was 3lb 3oz and Lilly was 3lb 4oz.
They are all still in scbu but doing well.

OddBoots Thu 01-Mar-12 21:10:46

Congratulations! smile

bytheMoonlight Thu 01-Mar-12 21:12:32

Congratulations!!!! smile

Milliways Thu 01-Mar-12 21:17:02

Wow - Congratulations smile

StealthPolarBear Thu 01-Mar-12 21:26:48

Fantastic, congratulations. Lovely names. How are you?

itsybitsy08 Thu 01-Mar-12 21:29:45

Congratulations, and I love their names smile three lovely daughters for you, wow, well done!

wantingmore Thu 01-Mar-12 21:32:14

congratulations. so happy for

BlackSwan Thu 01-Mar-12 21:44:45

THREE BABIES AT ONCE! <picks self up off floor> Congratulations, such amazing news.

LargeGlassofRed Thu 01-Mar-12 21:46:08

Ah that's so lovely, congratulations smile

FairyArmadillo Thu 01-Mar-12 21:47:29


cece Thu 01-Mar-12 21:48:31

How lucky you are ! Lovely. smile

5inthebed Thu 01-Mar-12 21:49:26

Congratulations smile

QOD Thu 01-Mar-12 21:55:15

Ah ah and ah again. Congratulations and lovely names

BlackSwan Thu 01-Mar-12 21:56:24

Are the identical or non-identical?

BoysInCoatheads Thu 01-Mar-12 21:57:35

Wow. Congratulations to you smile. Beautiful names too.

poorbuthappy Thu 01-Mar-12 21:58:50

Congrats!!! Now sleep woman. grin

Hulababy Thu 01-Mar-12 21:59:39


robino Thu 01-Mar-12 21:59:55

Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations.

hambo Thu 01-Mar-12 22:00:54

Amazing! Congratulations and best of luck!!

mamij Thu 01-Mar-12 22:00:57

Congratulations and well done! And such beautiful names too. smile

ohdearlord Thu 01-Mar-12 22:03:20

Oh congratulations!! How amazing!!

KateShmate Thu 01-Mar-12 22:05:02

Triple Congratulations!

Sounds like they are doing well so far, which is brilliant smile

When you're all a bit more settled, and the DD's are out of SCBU - come over to the multiples thread; I've got 2YO triplet DD's myself

Kbear Thu 01-Mar-12 22:06:18

I want some sad


BerryLellow Thu 01-Mar-12 22:18:49

Wowzers - well done you smile

kentDee Mon 05-Mar-12 11:46:20

Thanks everyone! Yes Lilly and Holly are identical twins.

Thanks kateShmate- will pop over soon! X

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