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Just had a massive baby!

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juneau Wed 22-Feb-12 10:37:10

Awww congratulations! Lovely news thanks

Grumpla Wed 22-Feb-12 09:10:01

Yes we are both pretty tall. Amazingly no rubber ring needed! One small tear and no stitches which is a huge relief after last time smile

kilmuir Wed 22-Feb-12 07:45:02

Thought you were going to say 11lbs, that would be massive!
Congratulations on your new addition

bushymcbush Wed 22-Feb-12 07:43:47

Lovely! Enjoy those pancakes. Yum.

Petrean Wed 22-Feb-12 07:42:28

Congratulations! grin

VeronicaSpeedwell Wed 22-Feb-12 07:40:32

grin How lovely! Congratulations, and well done!

Chandon Wed 22-Feb-12 07:27:18

well done, well done, well done!

DS2 was that size and I still feel proud of having pushed him out 7 years on grin

baby will probably be very tall, are you or DP tall?

LackaDAISYcal Wed 22-Feb-12 07:23:16

Love this birth announcement, it's really made me smile this morning!

Congratulations smile and well done on a successful home birth. Wincing at 9.5lbs though wink

mamasunshine Wed 22-Feb-12 07:22:43

Congratulations! Well done thanks

statueofliberty Wed 22-Feb-12 07:20:25

Well done,congratulations xx

beatofthedrum Wed 22-Feb-12 07:17:46

Congratulations, nothing better than post-birth cuddles and post-birth picnic! Have a wonderful day smile smile smile

DaydreamDolly Wed 22-Feb-12 07:14:07

Congratulations and ouch! Get that rubber ring out! grin

Grumpla Wed 22-Feb-12 07:12:00

DS2. He looks exactly like DS1 (8lbs 10) did at about a month old!

MrsSnaplegs Wed 22-Feb-12 07:08:43


stuffthenonsense Wed 22-Feb-12 07:01:19

Fabulous news! DD2 was 11lb homebirth, i can imagine how you feel this morning....and the newborn cry from a baby who looks 3 months lol. Enjoy your baby.

leftmymistletoeatthedoor Wed 22-Feb-12 06:46:05


Dd was 9lb 4 and looked a bit like a rugby player when she was born smile

Wallace Wed 22-Feb-12 06:45:41

HUGE congratulations! grin

insanityscratching Wed 22-Feb-12 06:44:30

Congratulations, boy or girl?

Grumpla Wed 22-Feb-12 06:43:08

Thanks grin
I am very very happy right now!

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Wed 22-Feb-12 06:41:32

Congratulations! thanks

Grumpla Wed 22-Feb-12 06:36:47

Nine and a half pounds, at home, no stitches but fuck me that hurt! The really good news is that my SPD already seems to be better (is that even possible?!? Maybe just hormones?) and I've slept for an hour already.

Mmmm leftover pancakes for breakfast and plenty of newborn cuddles (albeit practically toddler-sized already!)

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