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Baby Showers?

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Chopin20 Sat 04-Feb-12 09:25:02

Hi all, I'm thinking of organising a Baby Shower for a friend in the next couple of months. Don't hear much talk about baby showers these days and am wondering if it's just not done too much any more. Am feeling a bit short on ideas so any suggestions as to what we could do or good contacts would be much appreciated! Thanks so much.

Flisspaps Sat 04-Feb-12 09:31:01

I don't think they've ever been 'done' much in the UK tbh, they didn't really catch on here.

katiesprout Thu 16-Feb-12 08:32:12

They're quite an American idea I believe as in the UK we seem to celebrate much more once the baby has arrived. Saying that, why not organise an "afternoon tea" for your friend with close female friends and family. That way if someone wants to get her a gift they can but won't feel that they can't join in if they don't. Good luck!

CantRunButTries Sun 17-Jun-12 00:02:17

I've organised two showers for two very very different friends. I think that it's a lovely lovely thing to do and a great way to get mum, MIL, friends, colleagues, family etc together for the mummy to be.

For my first friend we had an afternoon tea party with a very bale blue theme (she was having a boy of course!) We hired a smallish village hall or the occasion that we decorated with bunting and balloons and organised afternoon tea foods, including making blue meringues! We played games such as "guess the baby" with party guest's pictures "stick the sperm on the egg" ...we just googled a uterus picture and drew an egg on and blue tac on the back of some sperm!!! It was a large shower (about 40 girls!) but fantastic fun.
The second was much more intimate but was a complete surprise for the mum to be which is why it's my favourite! (10 girls) Again it was an afternoon tea party but hosted in a friend's house (our apartment is too small!) similar games etc.

People bring lots of newborn presents to baby showers which I think is lovely as it takes the initial "must get over" pressure to visit in the first few weeks when mummy is exhausted and enormously busy. It means we can be happy with the pictures until mummy's ready for the invasions!!!

I can only hope that one day one of my friends throws me one! grin

Bunbaker Sun 17-Jun-12 00:12:15

I'm with Katie on this. I prefer to get a present after the safe arrival of the baby. The afternoon tea party is a lovely idea.

Mollythenia Wed 11-Jul-12 22:31:14

I have designed a few baby shower invitations through my website, but not as many as I thought I would. Half of them have been organised by the mothers to be themselves. Their has been some surprise ones as well, most of them at houses, a couple in restaurants and nearly all in the afternoon for a few hours.

beedles17 Fri 28-Jun-13 10:30:07

I would never buy a present for ababy that wasn't born. I think a lot of people feel the same. although risks are small they are there and you don't want a house full of baby stuff and no baby.

beedles17 Fri 28-Jun-13 10:31:37

just to add,sometimes it's nice to buy something for themum make them feel good, perfume,makeup etc

lovelymummy100 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:02:14

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supremeeventplanners Wed 18-May-16 14:14:40

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