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new to mums net and just had a baby girl called kathleen

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Haberdashery Fri 16-Dec-11 21:15:18

Go and have a look in the ante-natal or post-natal club bits for one with your daughter's birth month and year. You should find plenty of people who are in the same boat there!

And congratulations.

Bitofasurpise Fri 16-Dec-11 20:14:12


Lots of us of the site gives it away a bit smile

Whatever your question, there is always someone here to help.

I'd avoid AIBU for a bit though, posting anyway. Reading it is a great way to pass time spent feeding the baby at 3am.

Jooles314 Fri 16-Dec-11 20:10:15

with no experience of being a first time mum are looking for some help and advice with someone whom is similar.

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