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Had my baby boy! scary birth though (TMI)

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candr Sun 18-Sep-11 10:22:13

Hi, I had my baby boy Thurs morn but the labor was really scary and I wondered if any one else has experienced the same thing. I passed bright red clots and instantly had strong contractions 2 min apart. With each contraction I could feel I was bleeding and at the hosp 25 min later was 4cm. I was given gas and air which did not help much but with each contraction again could feel big lumps coming out with blood. The MW said they did not know why it was happening but said it was't that much blood (I later found out I had lost loads) It took 5 hours to go from 4 - 9cm so they think it could be that it was a fast labour. I carried on bleeding heavily after he born and have passed big (small fist sized) clots over the next couple of days. We are home after a 3 day stay but am very sore and weak from blood loss. He is doing very well but is only 5lb so need to bulk him up. I am quite scared about what happened and if I should expect it to continue so some reassurance would be great Please don't say speak to MW as she is crap.

Lulumama Sun 18-Sep-11 10:25:28

congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby boy ! I think that it is important for you to find out exactly what happened. have you had a blood transfusion? If your particular name midwife is not someone you want to talk to then you can ask to speak to the head of midwifery/supervisor of midwives to go through your birth notes... speak to PALS at your hospital if necessary to find out who you can speak to, your hospital may have a birth afterthoughts service. some bleeding is normal in labour but passing big clots like that and losing a lot of blood is not ... wsa your placenta very near your cervix?

golemmings Thu 20-Oct-11 10:14:09

Our hospital offers a talk about service where there is a team of trained midwives who will go through your labour notes with you. Generally its with a completely independent mw. It's something I propose to use and i'm going to talk to the mw who did my sweep and discharge visit but wasn't involved in my labour. I like her and I trust her. There are others on the community team who I don't like and think are a waste of space. Like you, I am keen to avoid them. Does your hospital offer a service like this?

JamieComeHome Tue 15-Nov-11 18:08:11

Have you had your haemoglobin levels checked? You must do this. I had a transfusion after ds2 and I suspect I needed one with ds1 as well.
Many congratulations!

twogirls1more Fri 16-Dec-11 11:46:16

So sorry to hear about your experience. sad I would definately look into what's been going on further, as the girls above suggest. Sounds like your experience has been v scary and you def need reassurance.
I recently gave birth to my 4th in hospital and I too had a rather bad experience, (though not to same extent as you.) MW was crap and v unsupportive and cold. You said you thought your labour was quick.. well, I went from 3cm's to baby in arms in 55mins..(way too quick and scary for my liking!) Had to shout at MW 3 times to get her attention to tell her I felt lower pressure whilst she had a totally irrelevant conversation with my DH! Plus she sat my bed up without asking mid contraction and generally moved me around like I was a bag of spuds! Felt a bit traumatised by whole thing if I'm honest!
Anyway, sorry.. this is about you isn't it. Do hope you find the help and reassurance you need soon hun, you've been treated quite badly and it needs putting right.

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