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Oaks and Acorns....

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Oakmaiden Sun 19-Oct-03 14:23:31

Just to let you all know that Eleanor Amaris finally arrived yesterday (Saturday 18th) at 16:05. Labour was slow getting started, but went from 4 cm to having the baby in an hour (so that was a bit intense!). Baby born in the birthing pool at home with a 4 minute second stage! and only a small graze. She weighs 8lb exactly, and is just perfect

Um, that's all, really. Going to have to work on this one handed typing, I can see....

Hulababy Tue 18-Oct-11 21:12:54

Happy 8th birthday!

I posted on this birth announcement eight years ago, but as CnR smile

HowlingWereWolfBitch Tue 18-Oct-11 21:10:02

8 years on.

How beautiful smile

tinyfeet Tue 28-Oct-03 02:01:09

She's gorgeous Oakmaiden. Congrats and thanks for sharing pictures!

Bekki Tue 28-Oct-03 00:09:07

Oh you've done it now Oaky. The broodiness is getting worse...I must have a girl next time and buy pink things, she is adorable. Congratulations!

bobsmum Mon 27-Oct-03 10:12:31

Eleanor is beeeeyoooootifoooool!! Am now v clucky! Well done all of you!

Girly Mon 27-Oct-03 10:07:43

Congratulations Oakmaiden! What lovely pictures! Eleanor is a perfect name, altho am biased as my dd is an Eleanor!

aloha Mon 27-Oct-03 09:53:14

Many congratulations on your very beautiful new daughter. Lovely names - my goddaughter is Eleanor. Where does Amaris come from? I've never heard it before?

fio2 Mon 27-Oct-03 09:44:21

lovely pics oakmaiden they are making me feel broody, oh dear.

pie Sun 26-Oct-03 23:53:02

Beautiful pics Oakmaiden, hope you are feeling less sore!

mears Sun 26-Oct-03 23:50:56

Just came across these pics. She looks absolutly lovely and from her crying picture doesn't look as if she should have a problem fixing Is the feeding improving?

jodee Fri 24-Oct-03 21:18:06

Lovely piccies Oakmaiden! Don't you just love newborns' eyes!

miranda2 Fri 24-Oct-03 21:13:00

What lovely photos - especially 5! She doesn't look like a newborn at all in that one, more like the life and soul of the party!!

pupuce Fri 24-Oct-03 21:12:11

Thank you for that
I love the piglet beeb,.... she is sooo cute
Reminds me of my water piccies too....
Hope you're all doing great !

Oakmaiden Fri 24-Oct-03 21:08:44

Anyone want to look at a photo or 2???

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7

rainbow Tue 21-Oct-03 16:27:13

Congratulations Oakmaiden.

Best day to have a baby. (DS3's 1st birthday, Sat 18th) Must have somthing to do with the 18th I went from 4cm to 10 in 1/2 hour, DS born 5 minutes later

EmmaTMG Tue 21-Oct-03 16:20:53

Congratulations from another one-handed typer!!!

Angeliz Tue 21-Oct-03 12:44:27


ThomCat Tue 21-Oct-03 12:25:45

How wonderful. Welcome to the world Eleanor and well done Mum!

Bossanova Tue 21-Oct-03 12:02:45


Dahlia Tue 21-Oct-03 11:48:57

Congratulations oakmaiden! What a fab birth! Well done

kaz33 Tue 21-Oct-03 09:51:32

Congrulations and if I ever have a girl then Eleanor is my fav name

Twinkie Tue 21-Oct-03 09:16:39

Message withdrawn

Bozza Tue 21-Oct-03 09:16:37


bluecow Tue 21-Oct-03 08:11:36

What a wonderful way for Eleanor to enter the world. Many congrats.

suedonim Mon 20-Oct-03 22:58:00


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