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Oaks and Acorns....

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Oakmaiden Sun 19-Oct-03 14:23:31

Just to let you all know that Eleanor Amaris finally arrived yesterday (Saturday 18th) at 16:05. Labour was slow getting started, but went from 4 cm to having the baby in an hour (so that was a bit intense!). Baby born in the birthing pool at home with a 4 minute second stage! and only a small graze. She weighs 8lb exactly, and is just perfect

Um, that's all, really. Going to have to work on this one handed typing, I can see....

pupuce Sun 19-Oct-03 21:24:01

Well hard work late pregnancy but clearly an easy birth

Well done you -really pleased for you!
Enjoy Eleanor

motherinferior Sun 19-Oct-03 21:39:44

And another home waterbirther sends love too! xxxx

judetheobscure Sun 19-Oct-03 22:02:26

Congratulations and wow - 4 minutes - great stuff.

mears Sun 19-Oct-03 23:21:09

Congratulations oakmaiden. Sounds wonderful. Welcome to eleanor

CountessDracula Sun 19-Oct-03 23:22:23

Well done oakmaiden and welcome to little Eleanor Amaris

Nome Sun 19-Oct-03 23:44:26

Congratulations Oakmaiden.

musica Sun 19-Oct-03 23:49:41

Congratulations! I love the name Eleanor - would have liked to use it myself! Another home birth! I wonder what the percentage of mumsnet homebirths is - seeing as the national average is about 2.5%!

Well done, anyway! xxx

tinyfeet Mon 20-Oct-03 00:06:07

Congrats Oakmaiden! Welcome Eleanor!

LucieB Mon 20-Oct-03 09:08:17

Congratulations - sounds perfect!

Grommit Mon 20-Oct-03 09:11:46

Oakmaiden - many congratulations on the arrival of Eleanor!

Jemma7 Mon 20-Oct-03 10:01:39

Well Done Oaky


winnie1 Mon 20-Oct-03 10:36:19

Congratulations to you all!

BearintheBigBlueHous Mon 20-Oct-03 12:38:02

Well done & congratulations!.

fio2 Mon 20-Oct-03 21:09:47

Well done Oakmaiden and welcome little Eleanor

marthamoo Mon 20-Oct-03 21:59:16

Oh well done Oakmaiden, and welcome Eleanor Amaris (beautiful names)

suedonim Mon 20-Oct-03 22:58:00


bluecow Tue 21-Oct-03 08:11:36

What a wonderful way for Eleanor to enter the world. Many congrats.

Bozza Tue 21-Oct-03 09:16:37


Twinkie Tue 21-Oct-03 09:16:39

Message withdrawn

kaz33 Tue 21-Oct-03 09:51:32

Congrulations and if I ever have a girl then Eleanor is my fav name

Dahlia Tue 21-Oct-03 11:48:57

Congratulations oakmaiden! What a fab birth! Well done

Bossanova Tue 21-Oct-03 12:02:45


ThomCat Tue 21-Oct-03 12:25:45

How wonderful. Welcome to the world Eleanor and well done Mum!

Angeliz Tue 21-Oct-03 12:44:27


EmmaTMG Tue 21-Oct-03 16:20:53

Congratulations from another one-handed typer!!!

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