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Oaks and Acorns....

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Oakmaiden Sun 19-Oct-03 14:23:31

Just to let you all know that Eleanor Amaris finally arrived yesterday (Saturday 18th) at 16:05. Labour was slow getting started, but went from 4 cm to having the baby in an hour (so that was a bit intense!). Baby born in the birthing pool at home with a 4 minute second stage! and only a small graze. She weighs 8lb exactly, and is just perfect

Um, that's all, really. Going to have to work on this one handed typing, I can see....

Tinker Sun 19-Oct-03 14:26:10

How fantastic. Congratulations

LIZS Sun 19-Oct-03 14:27:10

Congratulations !

hewlettsdaughter Sun 19-Oct-03 14:27:57

Well done!

WSM Sun 19-Oct-03 14:31:47

Fabulous news Oakie Many congrats.

doormat Sun 19-Oct-03 14:35:01

Congratulations oakmaiden
and welcome to the world Eleanor Amaris

Cam Sun 19-Oct-03 14:48:31

Sounds marvellous Oakmaiden, many congratulations!

lucy123 Sun 19-Oct-03 14:50:17

I feel so inspired by all these birth stories lately (especially the nice short labour ones! )

Congratulations oakmaiden and best wishes to all the family.

tigermoth Sun 19-Oct-03 15:51:15


janh Sun 19-Oct-03 16:13:45

Congratulations on your perfect little acorn!

jodee Sun 19-Oct-03 16:35:05

Congratulations and welcome, what a lovely name!

fisil Sun 19-Oct-03 17:08:05

Well done!

marsup Sun 19-Oct-03 17:59:05

What a lovely encouraging thought! It all sounds perfect - congratulations to Oak and acorn.

pie Sun 19-Oct-03 18:02:22

Oh Oakmaiden!!!! Water babies rock

Fantastic news, congratulations

Janstar Sun 19-Oct-03 18:12:45

Congratulations What pretty names!

WideWebWitch Sun 19-Oct-03 18:54:00

At last hey Oakmaiden! Congratulations and how nice to hear another inspiring home birth story.

Bogwoppit Sun 19-Oct-03 18:58:34

congratulations oakmaiden

Marina Sun 19-Oct-03 19:38:18

Congratulations Oakmaiden, what pretty names!

ANGELMOTHER Sun 19-Oct-03 19:40:56

Well done Oaky and welcome to little Eleanor.
You soon get the hang of one-handed typing

Ghosty Sun 19-Oct-03 19:52:06

Congratulations Oakmaiden ...

Batters Sun 19-Oct-03 20:15:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

princesspeahead Sun 19-Oct-03 20:34:59

congratulations oakmaiden! another lovely short waterbirth at home - isn't it wonderful? enjoy her....

Pimpernel Sun 19-Oct-03 20:36:38

Congratulations, Oakmaiden!

mammya Sun 19-Oct-03 20:54:44

Congratulations Oakmaiden, and welcome to Eleanor Amaris (lovel name!)

CnR Sun 19-Oct-03 21:15:04

Congratulations and welcome to Eleanor Amaris!

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