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Baby Bear's arrived

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BearintheBigBlueHous Mon 13-Oct-03 13:56:42

Baby Bear (name tbc) put in an appearance just before 5 on Saturday morning - after a 3 day labour and two false-start trips to the delivery suite. DW was marvellous throughout and managed on just tens and entonox (with a quick shot of pethidine to hurry things along towards the end). Bear is proud as punch and dd seems pleased with her new brother, but we won't be leaving her alone with him for a while yet. Time to put that expensive NZ buggy to the test!

Bogwoppit Mon 13-Oct-03 13:58:05

congratulations & welcome to baby bear

pie Mon 13-Oct-03 13:59:27


elliott Mon 13-Oct-03 14:00:53

Congratulations!! Looking forward to full user report on the e3....we have been finding it excellent as a single buggy so far!

CountessDracula Mon 13-Oct-03 14:02:46

Congratlations to Mummy Bear, Daddy bear, Mini Bear and new Baby Bear!!

mears Mon 13-Oct-03 14:09:56


Grommit Mon 13-Oct-03 14:12:17

Congratulations to the bear family!

SoupDragon Mon 13-Oct-03 14:15:19


winnie1 Mon 13-Oct-03 14:17:00

congratulations all!

musica Mon 13-Oct-03 14:22:33

Well done bear family!

doormat Mon 13-Oct-03 14:37:23

Congratulations bear family
and welcome to the world baby bear

aloha Mon 13-Oct-03 15:00:35

Congratulations Bear family!

Twinkie Mon 13-Oct-03 15:02:48

Message withdrawn

bluebear Mon 13-Oct-03 15:07:23


monkey Mon 13-Oct-03 15:30:27

Congratulations to you all

motherinferior Mon 13-Oct-03 15:35:34

Welcome, welcome, welcome - door is open, come on in!

ANGELMOTHER Mon 13-Oct-03 16:16:05

Congrats and welcome

princesspeahead Mon 13-Oct-03 16:18:49

many congratulations!

Jemma7 Mon 13-Oct-03 17:04:36

Trust Twinkie

Well Done Bear - Big Congratulations

CnR Mon 13-Oct-03 17:15:18

Congratulations and welcome to your little boy.

LucieB Mon 13-Oct-03 17:23:28

Fabulous news - hope you are all recovering well!

Angeliz Mon 13-Oct-03 17:41:24


whymummy Mon 13-Oct-03 17:43:41

congratulations to you all

fio2 Mon 13-Oct-03 17:44:49


sunchowder Mon 13-Oct-03 18:18:02

Congratulations to the Bear Family!!

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