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securegal Sun 03-Apr-11 19:46:06

I was wondering if all of you lovely ladies could give me some advice. My best friend has given birth to a lovely little girl today and I wanted to buy her something to say congratulations. I don't have children and am aware that she is likely to be inundated with bunches of flowers. I'd like to buy her something luxurious for her, and something for baby, but would like to give her something that she'd actually really like. What were the best presents that people bought for you? What do people who just had a baby really want (apart from sleep)?? Thank you so much in advance!

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Marrow Sun 03-Apr-11 19:48:52

My best present when I had DD was a set of Molton Brown bubble baths. My boobs were too sore to have water beating down on them in a shower and I took lots of soothing baths.

silver28 Sun 03-Apr-11 19:59:33

Home cooked meals (courtesy of my mum) were greatly appreciated. She brought them round then buggered off (or stayed and held baby if he was awake and needed attention while we ate). That was great.

Also DH's niece went to supermarket for us to save us having to go for a big shop, which was v thoughtful of her.

In terms of luxury stuff, bubble bath is nice as marrow said. And lavender oil good too, to put in bath, as helps soothe bits (we had to make a special trip out to buy some). A special photo frame might be nice, as they'll prob have a gazillion photos of the baby before long. maybe even a digital photo frame if you're a big spender!

I'm sure there'll be lots of good suggestions on here soon!

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 03-Apr-11 20:03:23

Kiehls baby stuff is gorgeous.
I also loved my cuddledry towel and swaddleme for the baby.
But for me, someone bought me an electric Elemis oil burner with some lavender oil which was so soothing.

Stephdelabriere Thu 09-Jun-11 19:06:56

Have a look at the NapNap website, it's quite cool. There are some great treats: green and luxurious. You could also get her a NapNap voucher if she is into washable nappies

feedthegoat Thu 09-Jun-11 19:13:16

Now it is not luxurious but my best friend made me a basket full of practical baby products, which as a first time mum I had not thought of.

It included many things I was grateful for at 3 am grin. It was things like Infacol, nappy cream, muslin squares, a pack of dummies (which obviously I hadn't bought because I wouldn't need them wink), wipes, a rattle, scratch mitts amongst others. It was great.

superjobeespecs Thu 09-Jun-11 19:38:08

i loved buying for my sis and best friend last year when they were pg smile my best friend i bought her wee girl babygrows vests a few outfits and popsys smile and my niece i bought bottles vests baby changing station babygrows from my DD baby blanket hello kitty teddy and gazillions more!! unfortunately my sis is a complete bitch and didnt appreciate just took advantage of my genorous nature and as im now 5 months gone and we dont speak very often i dont expect anything in return not that even if we were speaking i would as thats just the type of person i am smile and my best friend is always incredibly skint bills and debts take all her money so again i wouldnt expect anything tbh i bought because i thought OH and i werent able to have any more babs after DD so i enjoy treating other ppls i did it with my nephew too even to this day i still buy wee clothes for him and he's 4 and a half hmm should prob stop that lol. anyway best thing done for me was my aunt filled a plastic 'toybox?' with bottles bibs babygrows baby plates just everything for bab and gave it to me when we brought DD home it was fab smile


PukeyRag Sun 12-Jun-11 11:14:16

Ooh, I agree with feedthegoat, I think that would be a good idea.

I really liked my soothing bath stuff, Umi bath milk was lovely (nice and healing) and I also got given some Organic At Heart stretch mark cream, healing mummy and baby balm, and baby massage oil which are all really nice smile

Just stuff that makes you feel all nice and scrummy after you've been through what feels like pooing a melon grin (Sorry if that offends anyone!)

Cartoonjane Sun 12-Jun-11 11:15:39

I second cooked meals.

BikeRunSki Sun 12-Jun-11 11:22:12

Has she got a hobby that she is passionate about? My favourite new baby gift was a T shirt for DS that said "Cycling is in my Blood" (DH and I both keen cyclists). Simple but very thoughtful and personal. It was from Cafe Press and they have slogans on baby grows and T shirts of all sizes about anything!

And do her a "big shop" and throw in some nice ready meals, posh toiletries and cereal bars for by her bed, when she is too tired and hungry to get up.

Burt's Bees toiletries are lovely for mum and baby, they do a baby started pack.

sarahloula Sun 12-Jun-11 16:33:48

I don't know about anyone else but when my little one was born 8 weeks ago we got bought soooooo many clothes. We'd already bought her a fair bit and now her wardrobes are bursting at the seams with clothes she will grow out of any probably never wear. Presents I really appreciated were lovely books she can read when she's older.

stabiliser15 Thu 30-Jun-11 20:24:42

My SIL brought round a small storage box which matched our living room decor, with changing mat, wipes, pack of nappies etc so I could have a mini-changing station downstairs. It was fantastic and we still use it 5 months later so we dont have to run up and down to DD's changing table every time she needs changing. Possibly that's because we're quite lazy (!!) but it was one of the most thoughtful gifts we received.

Jdore Sat 02-Jul-11 18:47:17

A cleaner for 6 weeks .... very very thoughtful & practical my brother grin

Jojay Sat 02-Jul-11 18:51:42

Definitely food, stuff that needs no preparation and can be eaten one handed.

Thorntons mini brownies and mini millionnaires shortbread go down well.

ScaryFairy28 Tue 30-Aug-11 17:45:31

I'd have loved some Inch Blue shoes for DD.

yellowflowers Mon 12-Dec-11 09:17:58

A blanket. We'd bought cot blankets but ones for pram hadn't crossed my mind.

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling Mon 12-Dec-11 09:58:27

Another vote for food.

Handcream for her - my hands are in bits from all the washing.

Gorgeous blankets from organics for kids are among my favourite gifts we received.

Baby clothes in the next size up - one morning she'll wake up and nothing will fit her dc because they've grown overnight!

Black and White social baby books - fascinating for young babies.

haddock1976 Mon 12-Dec-11 10:04:19

I always send some smelly bath stuff, a lavender candle, a small teddy and for the father a bottle of something I know they drink be it port or scotch. If they are family then I'll throw in a waitrose or m&s voucher for food too.

Never bothered with flowers.

yellowflowers Mon 12-Dec-11 23:17:56

I also liked the books people gave that were copies of their favourite books.

clarasebal Wed 18-Sep-13 19:13:44

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Emigrated Sat 21-Sep-13 17:30:32

Milkscreen! Also a cd of womb noises in case it helps the baby settle.

windywoo26 Sat 21-Sep-13 20:01:29

I was given a selection of luxury ready meals and desserts from Cook! They can be ordered online to be delivered. They were wonderful in the first few days. As others have said lovely smellies to make you feel a bit pampered are wonderful. A lady I work with gave me some lovely chocolates with an instruction that they were to be eaten during night time feeds. Made me feel so much better at 2 in the morning!

Bodicea Tue 08-Oct-13 04:39:21

I would appreciate mamamio products or nice food.

Love the cleaner present someone suggested. If i didn't already have a cleaner that would probably get my vote as best present.

LadyFlumpalot Tue 08-Oct-13 08:31:31

I don't know what it's called, but my aunt bought a fleecy blanket that goes inside the car seat/pram with holes for the straps so you can wrap baby up and then (and this is the genius part) you can take them out still wrapped up warm and put them down to sleep without disturbing them!

My mum bought me gift vouchers for my favourite shoe shop as she knew that after 9 months of sensible shoes I was absolutely pining for heels!

GemmaB2011 Thu 06-Feb-14 10:46:59

Have a look at The Peekaboo Baby Company. I just bought my friend a baby gift box from here and she loved it. Full of really good quality products and lots of choice as well. I think the website is

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