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Baby Mergle here

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mergle Thu 04-Sep-03 10:11:12

Baby Mergle born 27 August 2003, 8 1/2 pounds. Ended up in hospital due to bleeding. Thanks to everyone who gave us support in the last few days of pregnancy-I'm so glad I discovered this board.

doormat Thu 04-Sep-03 10:14:52

Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Mergle

Grommit Thu 04-Sep-03 10:21:50

Mergle - well done and congratulations!

SamboM Thu 04-Sep-03 10:26:13

Congratulations and welcome to the Merglett(e)

Is it a boy or a girl?

M2T Thu 04-Sep-03 10:56:53

CONGRATULATIONS!.... Well done. And a nice healthy size too!

wickedstepmother Thu 04-Sep-03 10:58:31

Fab, many congrats

Jemma7 Thu 04-Sep-03 11:06:39

Well Done Mergle

Don't forget to post the whole story!

motherinferior Thu 04-Sep-03 13:11:12

Mergle and merglesprog, congratulations and lots of love.

colette Thu 04-Sep-03 17:06:47

Wonderful news

Bumblelion Thu 04-Sep-03 17:27:01


ANGELMOTHER Thu 04-Sep-03 18:15:50

Congrats and welcome to baby Mergle

mammya Thu 04-Sep-03 21:05:02

Mergle, congratulations and welcome to your baby!

princesspeahead Thu 04-Sep-03 21:32:52

Congratulations, Mergle. Girl or boy?

Claireandrich Thu 04-Sep-03 21:52:12

Congratulations and welcome to Baby!

mears Thu 04-Sep-03 22:20:58

Congratulations Mergle

Bossanova Thu 04-Sep-03 22:54:09

Congratulations Mergle and welcome little Mergle.

Marina Fri 05-Sep-03 09:52:16

Hope you are feeling better now Mergle and a big welcome to baby Mergle!

tigermoth Fri 05-Sep-03 21:52:27

congratulations mergle and baby mergle.

myersthecat Sun 07-Sep-03 12:03:33



LucieB Mon 06-Oct-03 15:24:00

...only just seen this. Many congrats and do let us know how you are getting on.

Oakmaiden Tue 07-Oct-03 21:04:04

Congratualtions to you!

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