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birth announcement and a little thank you...

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mumatron Wed 12-Jan-11 13:21:29

Baby Eliza born january 6th 2011 weighing 8lb 8oz. The baby i was told i had a less than 1% chance of having is finally here.

firstly i would just like to say a massive thanks to everyone who posted on my numerous threads before i finally went into labour 13 days late. I couldn't have gotten through it without you all.

i joined mn after having my first miscarriage in 2008 and i have received so much support whilst undergoing recurrent miscarriage tests etc. especially from the girls on the recurrent buns thread. <getting a bit emotional,sob!>

I'm not going to post my whole birth story, just the short version.

regular but short contractions started at 10.30pm ish, roughly 6min apart but only lasting 30-40 seconds. decided about 11.30pm i had better get checked out as i lost a pretty big blood clot and i knew i had to be a fair bit dilated as i had been 3cm at 2.30 that afternoon (had a sweep)

got to hosp and was examined at 12.30, 5cm. pains were very intense but short. i was allowed into the pool straight away and used g&a for a while.

waters broke at 3am baby born in the water at 3.39am. as i felt her head moving down i reached down and delivered her myself. I had to unwrap the cord from around her neck but she was absolutely fine.

a few feeding issues but all sorted now.

i am absolutely besotted with her, as is her dad and brother and sister. I will try and post a pic on my profile shortly.

PurplePillow Wed 12-Jan-11 13:26:38

Congratulations mumatron grin

EdgarAleNPie Wed 12-Jan-11 13:27:31

congratulations - thank you for this wonderful story

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 12-Jan-11 13:29:20

Many many congratulations, and welcome to the world Eliza - beautiful name btw smile

5inthebed Wed 12-Jan-11 13:29:45

How lovely, have tears reading your lovely birth story.

Congratulations on the birth of Eliza. Beautiful name.

TeaisForMugs Wed 12-Jan-11 13:31:29

Her name is beautiful. Congratulations and well done! .

ChippingIn Wed 12-Jan-11 13:32:11

Oh how lovely

What a lovely birth story too!!

She's a good size as well isn't she Look forward to the photos!!

mumatron Wed 12-Jan-11 13:45:40

thanks all.

managed to get 2 oics on but they aren't the best. dp has taken the camera to work to show off so will try and get some better ones later.

mumatron Wed 12-Jan-11 13:46:01

pics obviously

5inthebed Wed 12-Jan-11 18:14:08

Aww she is lovely Mumatron, loads of hair

mumatron Wed 12-Jan-11 18:43:24

thank you 5. yes, loads of hair. dd1 has had no end of fun styling it for her.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Fri 14-Jan-11 11:35:26

Hooray and congratulations! I am really happy for you, you seemed to have the longest pre-labour ever as I remember posting on a few of your threads and thinking 'is she still here'! grin Ah well, enjoy your dauughter, I'm glad everything went smoothly and that you had a water borth! Brill!

mumatron Fri 14-Jan-11 12:32:11

thanks tbmon

i cant stop looking at her, she is just fab grin

sharbie Fri 14-Jan-11 12:33:58

aaaaah lovely pics and great name - congratulations

belgo Fri 14-Jan-11 12:33:58

Congratulations! Eliza is a lovely name.

WriterofDreams Fri 14-Jan-11 19:03:07

Oh mumatron I'm delighted! After all your waiting and wondering she finally arrived! I was thinking of you, wondering how it all went. Sounds like a great birth, so happy for you grin. Enjoy every minute of little Eliza. Gorgeous name BTW.

FoghornLeghorn Fri 14-Jan-11 19:18:37

Message deleted

IAmReallyFabNow Fri 14-Jan-11 19:20:21

She is scrumptious.

You'll have to change your profile details now.

mumatron Fri 14-Jan-11 19:43:28

wod how is george doing?

fab thank you for reminding me!

thanks for the congratulations.

WriterofDreams Fri 14-Jan-11 20:48:39

He's doing great mumatron thanks Starting to settle into a bit of a routine now which is nice, sleeping a few hours at night, feeding really well. It's been a big adjustment for us but we're delighted to have him, he's an angel DH is a natural with him, I'm so impressed with how well he deals with him.

Saw the pics of Eliza, she is absolutely beautiful grin

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