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Eva3 gave birth to a baby girl!

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Eva3 Mon 01-Sep-03 19:13:04

Eva3 gave birth to Madeleine Rosemary at 1.50am on August 28th. Madeleine weighed 8lbs11oz (3.95kg)and had a rather large head (37cm circumference - ouch!) Will write birth story on Anyone due in August shortly !

princesspeahead Mon 01-Sep-03 19:15:33

Well done Eva, hope it all went well. What a big girl! Lovely name....

codswallop Mon 01-Sep-03 19:15:48

hoorah for you

codswallop Mon 01-Sep-03 19:19:35

she beat me to it by 15 seconds

pie Mon 01-Sep-03 19:53:50

COngratulations, what a lovely name

mammya Mon 01-Sep-03 21:04:20

Congratulations, Eva3 and welcome to Madeleine!

motherinferior Mon 01-Sep-03 21:48:11

Lovely news. Hope you're recovering from the massive bonce!

anais Mon 01-Sep-03 22:30:42


colette Mon 01-Sep-03 22:43:38


ANGELMOTHER Mon 01-Sep-03 22:50:01

Well done Eva and welcome to the little Madelaine

leander Mon 01-Sep-03 22:51:31

congratulations and well done

WideWebWitch Mon 01-Sep-03 23:08:33

Congratulations Eva!

arnold Mon 01-Sep-03 23:31:49

Very many congratulations Eva and welcome to the world Madeleine.

doormat Tue 02-Sep-03 06:36:49

Congratulations and welcome to the world Madeleine

SoupDragon Tue 02-Sep-03 07:23:08


Jemma7 Tue 02-Sep-03 08:27:41

Congratulations Eva
Well done!

Katherine Tue 02-Sep-03 09:54:07

Brilliant news Eva. Conratulations.

myersthecat Tue 02-Sep-03 12:53:49


Claireandrich Tue 02-Sep-03 19:30:32

Congratulations and welcome to Madeleine Rosemary!

neen99 Tue 02-Sep-03 23:55:44

Congratulations Eva!
Our babies share the same birthday!

Marina Wed 03-Sep-03 09:47:08

Congratulations Eva, look forward to hearing the full story (hope it's not too painful to relate...) Welcome Madeleine, what pretty names!

Bumblelion Wed 03-Sep-03 09:49:53

Congratulatoins Eva3 and welcome Madeleine Rosemary - such a pretty name.

wickedstepmother Wed 03-Sep-03 09:55:16

Awww lovely Eva. Many congrats

Eva3 Wed 03-Sep-03 10:37:07

Thanks for all the messages.

Neen - how nice they share a birthday !

Grommit Wed 03-Sep-03 11:33:28

Eva3 - congratulations!

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