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Very dramatic birth story - 2 hours start to finish in the snow!!

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SunOverStars Fri 03-Dec-10 00:40:05

I've been under the name 'Stardown' until very recently DP and I in a civil partnership - two women - wanted to clear up any confusion grin

32 weeks plus 5 today. Very dramatic birth story - DP started having twinges at 8am, and some fluid leakage, progressively pains got worse until about 3-4mins apart by 8.30. Couldn't get a taxi, ambulance, or bus due to so much SNOW down in Surrey/Kent! Labour ward advised walking to nearby GP's office.

Got to GP at 8.50, contractions every 2 mins. By 9.15 waters had broken & had quite a bit of blood, ambulance on the way, DP in lots of pain. 9.30 ambulance arrived, we were scared she'd deliver in the GP's office! DP had no trousers on as water broke inside them so had to get on stretcher, covered by blanket, and whisked out of GP's office into snow-covered street with lots of onlookers!! grin Very dramatic. Got to hospital by 9.55, rushed into labour ward, team of 5 (midwife, head midwife, consultant obstetrician, 2 SCBU doctors) in labour ward. Checked DP who was fully dilated and baby's head nearly crowning!!

Pushed him out in 5 pushes at 10.05, 2 hours and 5 minutes from start to finish!!

Elias Hugo was 4 lb 14 oz (2.2 kgs) and had to have some oxygen - he is on CPAP in SCBU at the minute, they did a chest x-ray and bloodwork which came back normal. He was a VERY good weight for his gestation - probably down to DP's diabetes, but soooo happy he's bigger than normal. Since DP had absolutely NO pain relief, just a few stitches, she was ready to go home 2 hours after birth! Labour ward full and no beds empty so we were just now discharged after 7 hours.

Going back in the morning to see him and will update then!

AitchTwoOh Fri 03-Dec-10 00:46:58

gosh that is a FANTASTIC weight for that age, well done that diabetic DP! wink how utterly, blissfully exciting for you both! elias is a lovely name, well done. My second child was prem, 33 weeks (four lb one and we were told we'd done well), and i would say it was a lot to get over. dd2 wasn't in scbu for any time at all, she was kept with me, it was fine, but i genuinely mourned the loss of 'my' time alone with her, those last couple of months together. so take care of dp, she might be a bit wobbly about that kind of stuff.
congratulations, Mum! grin

DuelingFanio Fri 03-Dec-10 00:49:57

Congratulatons smile Love the name.

SunOverStars Fri 03-Dec-10 00:52:00

Oh Aitch thank you so much!! It's all happened so quick, don't quite feel like a Mum yet. Had a very sad feeling sorry for myself moment awhile ago about him being in there but over it now and can't wait to go and see him in the morning. Just wish we could hold him sad

Hopefully he can come home for a good family Christmas. smile

SunOverStars Fri 03-Dec-10 00:52:27

Thanks DF smile

AitchTwoOh Fri 03-Dec-10 00:57:29

he may be home faster than you think, tbh, so long as he puts on weight. exciting times!

diddl Fri 03-Dec-10 14:06:34

Congrats to you all!

My first was a 1.1kgs!

The smallest in SCBU at the time & one who needed the least intervention.

Just NG tube for feeding.

Took the little bugger some weeks to get up to a decent weight, though!

But was home before he should have been born iyswim.

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Fri 03-Dec-10 14:16:51

My DS (teeny taffy!) was born at 33 weeks and was 6lb 14oz (was going to be an 11lb plus chubster due to my gest diabetes) At 9 months he is still only 15lb 15oz.

Hope he will be home before you know it - its tough going back and for SCBU .... especially in the snow. Enjoy him!

fruitful Fri 03-Dec-10 14:25:20

Congratulations! And well done your dp.

My ds2 was born at 32wks, 4lb9, and came home after 2 weeks (on Christmas eve, 3yrs ago)

Enjoy your Christmas baby.

Lulumaam Fri 03-Dec-10 14:27:55

congratulations to you and DP ! what a quick birth ! Hope baby Elias thrives and gets bigger and stronger and is home very very soon x

WentBlank Sat 04-Dec-10 09:19:29

Great weight and congratulations to you both. One of our kids had a baby yesterday born at 34 weeks weighing 2lb13

NormaStanleyFletcher Sat 04-Dec-10 09:23:00

Congratulations smile

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