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Katherine has been liberated at last!

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Katherine Fri 22-Aug-03 00:07:36

Beatrice Alice made her rather rapid entrance into the world at 9.35pm this evening weighing in at 5lb 15.5oz. I'll post the full story in the morning but we are both fine. Freedom at last!

Angiel Fri 22-Aug-03 00:16:41

Congratulations and welcome to Beatrice! You did really well to post so quickly!

sb34 Fri 22-Aug-03 00:43:34

Message withdrawn

Ghosty Fri 22-Aug-03 01:29:17

Oh Katherine ... how fantastic! What lovely news and what a relief!!!!!
Can't wait to hear the details ....

Love Ghosty xxxxxxxxxx

fio2 Fri 22-Aug-03 06:45:08

Congrats Katherine

batey Fri 22-Aug-03 07:00:47

Great news, you must win the award for quickest birth post!!

SoupDragon Fri 22-Aug-03 07:47:48

Congratulations, Katherine!!

sobernow Fri 22-Aug-03 07:51:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS Fri 22-Aug-03 07:52:06

Wow congratulations ! Hope your first night went well

hoxtonchick Fri 22-Aug-03 07:59:50

Brilliant news, Katherine, congratulations

jessi Fri 22-Aug-03 08:02:41

Fabulous news,congratulations!

winnie1 Fri 22-Aug-03 08:08:11

Congratulations Katherine! Welcome to the world Beatrice Alice (lovely name too).

Pimpernel Fri 22-Aug-03 08:29:20

Fantastic news, Katherine, many congratulations!

codswallop Fri 22-Aug-03 08:33:01

nice name!!

StripyMouse Fri 22-Aug-03 08:38:13

Congratulations - wonderful news

Frogling Fri 22-Aug-03 08:38:18

Codaungratulations Katherine! So pleased that your daughter has finally arrived, and looking forward to hearing more about her.

aloha Fri 22-Aug-03 08:48:47

Wow! Great news. Agree, it's a lovely name. I'm delighted for you both.

Batters Fri 22-Aug-03 08:52:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bogwoppit Fri 22-Aug-03 09:08:35


hewlettsdaughter Fri 22-Aug-03 09:17:36

Many congratulations Katherine! (like many others I have been following your progress). Look forward to hearing your birth story.

Gem13 Fri 22-Aug-03 09:19:17

Congratulations Katherine. Welcome to Beatrice Alice What a gorgeous name!

Enid Fri 22-Aug-03 09:20:08

Congratulations Katherine and welcome to little Bea. So pleased for you x E

elliott Fri 22-Aug-03 09:21:18

Wow, that IS fast, considering you posted at about 8.30 saying you'd had 'a few' contractions!! Hope the MW made it in time!!!
Congratulations and look fowrad to hearing more!!

mears Fri 22-Aug-03 09:21:39

Many congratulations Katherine. Welcome to Beatrice at last

bunnyrabbit Fri 22-Aug-03 09:24:16

Good job Katherine. All that waiting and then wham bam here I am mum!!

Can't wait to hear the full story. Hope you managed to get some sleep last night.


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