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KMS here at last!

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KMS Fri 01-Aug-03 22:24:57

I'll try again sorry if this is duplicate!

10 days late adn finally she is here.

My waters had gone on 28th july but no comtractions! 2.30 am on 30th I had a contraction. Will this continue i thought? 12 mins later I had another, then 7 mins later then 5 mins later. so I woke DH, he phoned MIL to come and sit DS1 & 2 and we put on TENS. 2mins later another one and they continued at 2 mins apart. I phoned hosp to let them know we were on way. at 3.30 i was told I was 4cm. I continued with the TENS and at 5.45 my baby girl was born weighing 8lb 14oz (4.03kg) Because my waters had gone more than 24hrs they took a sample from her stomach and that came back with puss cells present so she was put on iv antiB's and we had to stay in. Today her bloods came back clear so we were allowed home at last! She is called Jessica. I had no stitches this time although she was my biggest. Bf going well. the SPD has eased alot so i can now walk again! will post again on parenting "June/july" when I get time.

Mog Fri 01-Aug-03 22:29:06

Congratulations KMS. You'll have such fun with a little girl!

Ghosty Fri 01-Aug-03 22:29:52

Aaaaah .... KMS ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Very good news indeed

musica Fri 01-Aug-03 22:32:57

CONGRATULATIONS! So glad that you got through without induction. Hope you and Jessica are doing well. Lots of love, m. xxx

janh Fri 01-Aug-03 22:33:30

Congratulations, KMS! My first little girl was a Jessica too (still is, in fact!)
Hope all continues to go well. Take care!

pupuce Fri 01-Aug-03 22:37:35

Brilliant - and quick too... really pleased for you !
Isn't mother nature just fab !

Demented Fri 01-Aug-03 22:39:24

Congratulations KMS!

WideWebWitch Fri 01-Aug-03 22:39:29

Oh congratultions KMS

winnie1 Fri 01-Aug-03 22:56:28

Congratulations KMS & family!

pie Sat 02-Aug-03 00:10:31

Congratulations KMS Welcome Jessica!
Glad to hear about the SPD too

Wills Sat 02-Aug-03 08:11:48


jessi Sat 02-Aug-03 08:28:39

KMS Hurrah for you! I am so pleased all is well and that you have your little girl. Also love the name Jessica too. Well done.

batey Sat 02-Aug-03 09:41:54

Congratulations to you all!!

motherinferior Sat 02-Aug-03 13:55:45

Oh how lovely, lovely, lovely. HURRAH!

CAM Sat 02-Aug-03 14:12:13

Mank congrats KMS on the birth of your little girl!

kaz33 Sat 02-Aug-03 15:08:18

Congrats and welcome to Jessica - we look forward to hearing all about it on the parenting thread soon.

wickedstepmother Sat 02-Aug-03 15:25:36

Fab news KMS, congrats and enjoy

starfish Sat 02-Aug-03 15:34:50

Congratulations KMS, well done! So pleased you are both doing well!

GRMUM Sat 02-Aug-03 16:14:50

Well done! Congratulations to all the family.

ratbag Sat 02-Aug-03 16:17:53

Congratulations! Welcome to little Jessica

ScummyMummy Sat 02-Aug-03 16:35:12

Great! Congratulations KMS.

bossykate Sat 02-Aug-03 16:37:17


colette Sat 02-Aug-03 17:13:31


princesspeahead Sat 02-Aug-03 18:03:38

sounds pretty perfect to me! enjoy Jessica and hope the SPD keeps getting better

Tinker Sat 02-Aug-03 18:27:17

Well done

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