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swissrole Sun 20-Jun-10 15:09:47

I lost my dad in March and have been feeling physical symptoms of stress ie anxiety, headaches, insomnia, inability to relax. I have a very busy life with 3 dc's under 5.I am finding it difficult to interact ith people in a positive way.
I went to the gp who seemed reluctant to diagnose depression and wanted me to tell him if i thought i was depressed. I told him that i would expect anyone in my situation to be feeling this way as i am in the early stages of bereavement and still in shock and have a very intense family life.
i havn't taken the citlopram and sleeping pills he prescribed but am still struggliing and feel i need a break/holiday. i went to dad's grave today and felt nothing. Is this ok? Do you think that i am suffering the usual symptoms of trauma and how can i help myself relax?

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BubbaAndBump Sun 20-Jun-10 18:54:04

Sorry for your loss swissrole - have you considered going to counselling just to help you talk through things - even a few sessions with a counselling agency like mind might help you. They certainly helped me when I was going through a tough time a few years ago (gosh, over ten actually now I think about it) triggered by the sudden death of a close relative.

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