Two years ago today my husband died, today is trifle day.

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onlyjoking9329 Wed 09-Jun-10 10:21:32

some of you may remember that Steve died two years ago today.
tonight me and the kids will be raising a spoon of trifle, blowing bubbles and we have some sky lanterns that we are going to write messages on before letting them drift up into the sky.

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Katz Wed 09-Jun-10 10:23:27

thinking of you all

comewhinewithme Wed 09-Jun-10 10:23:45

I remember OJ.

I love the sky lantern idea.

Take of yourselves xX

exexpat Wed 09-Jun-10 10:25:24

Hope you manage to make it a positive day of memories. It's nearly four years since my DH died, and we haven't got a particular thing we do on the anniversary day, apart from talk about him and look at the memory boxes and photos. I wonder if it's too late for us to invent some kind of ceremony too... Will be thinking of you later.

MaryBS Wed 09-Jun-10 10:26:13

Hugs OJ, sounds like a good plan of yours... RIP Steve, may he live on in our hearts and minds forever

ilovesprouts Wed 09-Jun-10 10:26:38

so sorry thinking of you and your dcs xx

coppertop Wed 09-Jun-10 10:27:20

As soon as I saw the trifle in the title I knew this had to be Steve.

I hope it all goes as well as it possibly can. From your posts on here over the years I bet Steve would love it. xx

ProfYaffle Wed 09-Jun-10 10:28:26

Goodness, 2 years. I remember talking to you on here when you first got the diagnosis.

Your day sounds lovely

Thinking of you all. xx.

DanJARMouse Wed 09-Jun-10 10:29:20

Hi OJ,

Thinking of you all today, and will go and buy a trifle later to remember with you.

2 years seems to have gone so fast, but you are a tower of strength to your kids, and so positive even in the low times.

Here's to TOMorrow, making all your todays perfect xxx

indie37 Wed 09-Jun-10 10:29:25

Can't believe it's been two years. It seems like it was just a few months ago. Hope you and the children have a good day remembering all the good things about Steve.

JulesJules Wed 09-Jun-10 10:30:07

I remember, OJ.

Thinking of you, <raises spoon of trifle> xx

LilRedWG Wed 09-Jun-10 10:30:08

Much love to you all. I will be thinking of you. xx

jamaisjedors Wed 09-Jun-10 10:38:44

Thinking of you and your family.

Your ceremony sounds lovely.

ThingOne Wed 09-Jun-10 10:46:50

Thinking of you OJ.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 09-Jun-10 10:51:52

Thoughts and prayers to you and yours. I hope you have a lovely time tonight remembering Steve.

MmeLindt Wed 09-Jun-10 10:54:26

I remember that we all ate trifle on the day of the funeral. Incredible to think that it is already 2 years past.

Thinking of you and your family today, OJ.

misdee Wed 09-Jun-10 10:55:55

thinking of you OJ.

choc trifle all round tonight.

Jaquelinehyde Wed 09-Jun-10 10:58:23

Trifle for everyone here tonight!

Thinking of you and the children today OJ.

onlyjoking9329 Wed 09-Jun-10 12:15:06

Thanks for your kind words.
In some ways it doesn't seem possible that two years have past, in other ways it seems longer.
Our lives have changed so very much, one thing that never changes is our memories and love for Steve.

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DrNortherner Wed 09-Jun-10 17:29:20

HI OJ, thinking of you all today xx

NorkyButNice Wed 09-Jun-10 17:39:10

2 years already?

Hugs to you all your family OJ. We lit a candle on our balcony in New York 2 years ago today, as did MNers all over the world.

Thinking of you.

bellavita Wed 09-Jun-10 17:40:46

Thinking of you all too here OJ xx

Hassled Wed 09-Jun-10 17:40:57

It's gone very quickly - although it's probably felt the reverse to you. Enjoy the trifle - will be thinking of you.

chimchar Wed 09-Jun-10 17:47:05

hey oj.

two years? has passed really quickly (like pp said, for us, probably not you and the kids...)

will always think of you and smile at the absolute courage and dignity in which you coped with steves many people learned so many things from you...

sending you all warm thoughts, and a huge trifle "toast" to steve. x

2shoes Wed 09-Jun-10 17:48:47

thinking of you, your lovely family and Steve xx

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