Today is my dads birthday he would have been 85 today

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EarthMotherImNot Wed 31-Mar-10 13:39:30

I have days now where I don't think of him, but not many.

DD1 was in her cot one day years ago and she had woken from her nap and I could hear her babbling.

When I went to get her she was standing up pointing at a corner of her room and I swear she was saying his nameshock

Dh thinks I imagined it as she never did it again but I like to think he'd come for a peep at her smile

DD2 asked a while ago when i was talking about him "do you think he would have liked us mum"

God that sentence reduced me to a sniveling wreck I can tell yousad

Still does!

stoppinattwo Wed 31-Mar-10 12:43:29


I find I do that too, i often say to my DC's Grandad would be so proud of you, I tell them he watches what they do and he would love them as much as all of us around them now do.

God even now...13 years on I miss him so much

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EarthMotherImNot Wed 31-Mar-10 10:37:48

oh stopping, how sadsad

Every time I look at my nephew I see my Dad, he even has dads mannerism of clearing his throat before he speaks. Its uncanny.

When DD1 one got into university my first thought was dad will be pleasedsmile

stoppinattwo Wed 31-Mar-10 09:55:06

Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me smile

Dad was such a gentle person, sometimes I feel quite sad that I cant have more of his nature about me. Im a bit of a stress monkey and can be shouty, I cna probably count on one hand the number of times he raised his voice to me...he was a good example.

Something else that makes me sad is that Dad craved family and being part of a family, he loved belonging....he knew he had more family but could never trace them, one time he was so close but a phone call at the wrong moment meant he never made the contact he should have. We have since found this out because my elder sister has recently made contact with this side of our family. Dad had many more close relatives he never knew sad...I met a lady who would be my 2nd cousin ( i tinhk!) she had dads eyes and dads manner. I wish he could have met her, he would be pleased that we have though.

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EarthMotherImNot Wed 31-Mar-10 06:19:08

My Dad would have been 85 this Augustsad

He was 47 when he died I was 19. He never saw me marry, have children or share in our lives when we left home.

He was, in my childhood, a bear of a man and a shadow when he mercifully died.

I miss him still sad

Mooos Wed 31-Mar-10 06:13:54

This has brought tears to my eyes. My dad was the same and I so wish I had half of his good qualities. He had a smile in his eyes and never said a bad word about anyone. He too, was one of life's rare gentlemen. He died 7 years ago.

But you know while I was reading this I was also thinking how very very lucky we were to have fathers like this. Some people can only dream to have had what we had.

stoppinattwo Tue 30-Mar-10 21:31:13

Not sure where to post this but I need to put sometinhg down so I can empty my head today

Dad died 13 years ago. I miss him so much.

He was the most beautiful, fantastic, kind caring, honest and thoughtful man I have ever and will ever meet.

I love him to the moon and back.

He never got to meet my DC's and that is my only regret in life. I know he would be proud of them and I tell them so much about him.

There is nothing I ever needed to say to him, he knew exactly how i felt about him.

Dad Happy birthday, I wish you were here with us all XXX

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