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RachelRog Mon 11-Jul-05 17:05:29


I just wondered if anyone had any experiences of their pregnancy after a missed m/c.

I had one in March this year..I went for the 12 week scan but the foetus had stopped at about 6 weeks. I am 8+4 and have a viability scan tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Now that my scan is nearly here I am getting really scared that the same will happen again.

Everyone keeps telling me I will be ok this time but I wondered if anyone had any experiences to share???

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bonkerz Mon 11-Jul-05 17:20:51

Hi rachel, i have had 2 mc in the last year and know exactly how you are feeling. My last mc was missed and only found at my 12 week scan that the baby had died at about 8 weeks. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and had all the same fears as you in the first trimester. I had a scan at what should have been 8 weeks but nothing showed up so was scanned again at 10 weeks and there was a bean only measuring 7 weeks, not sure how but my dates were out abit!
Go tomorrow with positive thoughts. If it is not clear you will be scanned again in 10 days, please dont give up hope (easier said than done i know) There are alot of other ladies on here who have been through and are goiung through the same feelings that you are. I think you just have to stay positive. Will be thinking of you.

heatexhaustion Mon 11-Jul-05 17:23:50

wishing you all the luck in the world. I have no immediate experience of your situation, but I really hope everything is good for you tomorrow.
I am not surprised that are worried- of course you are.I hope your dp is looking after you and being reassuring. try and have a lovely restful evening if you can.
thinking of you and sending hugs

hereshoping Mon 11-Jul-05 20:26:31

Hi RR - good luck for tomorrow
this happened to me twice, Aug 04 and Jan 05 but im 15 wks pg again
I know how you feel and I did get bad news 2nd time
the thing that helped thou is that I went in determined that if it was bad news I would insist on some investigations ( and did get some bloods done) and an agreement that when I got pg again that EPU would look after me
this helped me stay positive
good luck

spidermama Mon 11-Jul-05 20:33:19

I had MC at 13 wks first time round followed by 2 x healthy pregnancies. Then another MC at 10 wks. Then another healthy baby.

I know how desperate you feel in your hopes this one will stay. The chances are it will, but whatever will be will be.

It's hard to enjoy your pregnancy though, until you're past a certain point.

spidermama Mon 11-Jul-05 20:34:22

I meant to say, all the very best. x

Twiga Mon 11-Jul-05 20:37:18

Rach, just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow, lol x

trefusis Mon 11-Jul-05 20:38:16

Message withdrawn

dramaqueen72 Mon 11-Jul-05 20:43:27

wishing you luck rach, for the scan. hang in there. I have had two missed m/c but after each one I have got successfully pg.
dd2 was after the first one, and currently she is leaping around the computer as I type and the second happened just after christmas and I'm now 16wks pg - so it can be okay. try and stay positive, i know those scans are so very very scary, it was the longest pause til the lady said..........'no, its okay, everything is where it should be, theres a baby' this time. its one heck of an emotional rollercoaster I wish you so much luck, will be thinking of you.

helsy Mon 11-Jul-05 20:44:55

RachelRog, I had a missed MC in January six years ago at 12 weeks - it was a 6/7 week foetus. I became pg 8 weeks later despite taking the morning after pill. I was terrified. Everything was fine and I have a stroppy five year old dd to prove it. I did ask to be referred to the EPU though, and that helped. Hope it goes well for you tomorrow. Don't know how to explain it, but something felt wrong the first time for me.

RachelRog Mon 11-Jul-05 20:56:58

Thankyou all for your messages.....I will pop on tomorrow if all is well and let you know......jus need to think positive.

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spub Tue 12-Jul-05 09:09:31

No experience of having a scan for pg after a m/c. I am ttc at present after a m/c at the start of June.
I do know how scared I was when I went to the EPU then not knowing what the outcome would be so I really feel for you today and hope that it will all be fine. As far as I know, there is no statistical reason that it should be anything other then fine .
I kind of approached it from a "hope for the best, prepare for the worst" scenario and it helped a little bit.
We'll all be thinking about you at 1pm. Good luck!

Diddle Tue 12-Jul-05 12:57:43

oh rach - thinking of you now, its almost 1.00, hope all goes well, got everything crossed for you. pop back onto the ttc after a m/c thread and letus know what happened.

Nemo1977 Tue 12-Jul-05 13:02:03

hi hun
i had 2 natural mcs then my son then a missed mc in dec at 15wks but found baby died at 9wks. Had erpc etc and started ttc again in feb
am now 17wks pg and had viability scan at 8wks and this baby is doing great.i know a few people who have had missed mc around same time as me who are all now healthy into 2nd n third trimesters so it doesnt mean it will happen again. One thing that has been fab for me this time was buying a doppler as it helped to ease my anxieties and i use it daily. Good luck as i know ur scan should be around now...let us know how u got on.

Mamatoto Tue 12-Jul-05 13:02:56

Rachel - Good luck !!!! I had a missed m/c in november and now am pg and its good! Thinking of you - keep us informed! {{{BABYWISHES}}}}

munz Tue 12-Jul-05 13:25:09

good luck rach - let us know how u go.

RachelRog Tue 12-Jul-05 14:35:55

I AM SO HAPPY! Baby measures 21 mm and heart is beating! I was petrified whilst she scanned me....but am so happy all is well.
I measure 8+6 which is good as I thought I was 8+5.....and because I am not yet 9 weeks I can have aother scan in 3 weeks! Hurrah.
She even printed me a picture to keep...a bit fuzzy but keep looking a it....it's amazing!
Thankyou so much for being there!

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tabitha Tue 12-Jul-05 14:49:33

Brilliant news Rachel, really pleased for you

spub Tue 12-Jul-05 14:57:02

Way hey! BRILLIANT news.
Sooooo pleased for you. This has given me hope that if/when I get pregnant again it will all be much happier and have a happy outcome.
Hope you are celebrating with a big bar of chocolate or an ice lolly.
Excellent stuff.

sorrel Tue 12-Jul-05 15:08:46

oh rachel. that is the best news in the world. keep well and hope you can start to 'enjoy' being pg.
lots of love and hugs

Twiga Tue 12-Jul-05 17:35:20

Fantastic news Rach, glad everything was well, you must be so relieved, all the very best for the next 7 months or so, lol x

dramaqueen72 Tue 12-Jul-05 19:32:31

thats the best news I've had all day rach, fabulous! so pleased for you!!

Xena Tue 12-Jul-05 19:33:42

So pleased for you Rachelrog

spidermama Tue 12-Jul-05 19:40:46

Hooray for rachelrog! I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. x

hunkermunker Tue 12-Jul-05 19:46:37


Had a scan when DS was 8+6 too - he looked like a little bean SO cute!

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