gravestones - any idea on costs

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mumoverseas Mon 30-Nov-09 12:55:10

Its time to start thinking about sorting out a gravestone for mum (and dad)
Dad was buried in the family plot with my eldest brother who died many years ago aged 3. When dad was buried (5 years ago) the FD removed the headstone and stored it. They prepared a report on their recommendations on restoring it as it was badly worn and faded. Mum developed ostrich syndrome and just couldn't deal with it. I've lost mum now and she is now with dad and their first son.

The old gravestone wouldn't have enough space for all their details so I need to think about getting a new one made. It would need to be large enough for three sets of names, dates etc.
I think someone recommended granite was the best material but I'm open to suggestions.

Can anyone advice on how much they think this could cost and also, how long approximately it will take to get made.

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bonkerz Mon 30-Nov-09 13:32:45

we got my mums headstone done 3 years ago and for a 2'6" black head stone with heart engraving and 100 letters plus fitting it cost just under £600. obviously you would need more letters but i can recommend the company i used who were fantastic and who i actually found on ebay!

bonkerz Mon 30-Nov-09 13:34:19

mumoverseas Mon 30-Nov-09 13:35:33

thanks bonkerz, that is really helpful. My two siblings and I have just received the money from mum's bank accounts and I want to put some money aside to pay for this. My brother indicated that we should all put £1k aside (with him to look after it)which from what you are saying, sounds quite a lot hmm

Yes please on recommendation. Mum and dad are in Surrey. Ideally I'd go around a few places and look but I'm not back to the UK until next month and only for 10 days so great to have a few recommendations first.

Thanks again

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bonkerz Mon 30-Nov-09 13:41:28

this company dealt with me via post and email, they sent through details and examples of lettering etc and nothing was done without checking first, they also dealt with the cemetary direct about fitting etc and sent me and email saying when it would be fitted, i had given them a date i wanted it done by and they fitted a week before this date. even now 3 years on my mums headstone is beautiful.
this company is small and family run and the people i spoke to and emailed were so lovely and helpful. they can also do any design you want.
i sound like an advertisment now but honestly what i thought was going to be a hard purchase was made so much easier by their helpfullness and understanding.

£1k each sound alot unless you are going for the kerb style!!!!!

mumoverseas Mon 30-Nov-09 13:45:02

Thanks bonkerz, I'd be grateful for their name/website/email address if thats ok.

I want something simple but beautiful. Its difficult knowing what to do but want to have a stone that can include the same/similar inscription that mum and dad chose for their son and then add on their details. I really need guidance and this company sounds ideal

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bonkerz Mon 30-Nov-09 13:47:00

I dealt with a RICHARD SMITH

Deemented Mon 30-Nov-09 13:52:59

You should really think about getting one with a ground anchor - this means it won't tople in years to come.

I paid just under £800 for a black marble heastone for my son, had it removed so my husbands details could be put on it and there's still room left for someone else.

The monumental masons that you use should either be BRAMM or NAMM registered - my brother is a monumental mason himself and has always steered me when doing thigs like this.

bonkerz Mon 30-Nov-09 13:55:33

the company i have recommended uses the NAMM anchor so safety is no problem!

mumoverseas Mon 30-Nov-09 15:39:45

Thank you so much ladies, that is most helpful, particularly about the anchors. A lot of the stones near mum and dad's grave are propped up by wooden posts so your suggestion sounds very sensible.
I'm so very sorry for your losses, particularly you Dee. Just can't comprehend what you have gone through x

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