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Concern for pregnant friend after previous M/C

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madmarchhare Wed 22-Jun-05 16:21:56

A friend (who is 39) has just told me she is 5 weeks pregnant. She had a m/c last year at 11 weeks just after a trip abroad. She has a holiday booked in 6 weeks time which she plans to go on.

After she m/c she went through all the varying emotions that, I can only imagine, are normal at this point, including that she wished shed not gone on holiday.

She is now busy with her plans for this years trip and I'm sure that everything that happened has been running through her mind, however, I feel that I want to suggest that she gets the all clear (M/W first visit etc) before she goes.

Am I being over cautious on her behalf/poking my nose in/dont know what Im talking about? I really dont want to risk upsetting her and dont want to appear to be insensitive.

What should I do?

womba1 Wed 22-Jun-05 16:43:30

Your concern is understandable, but to be honest,i wouldn't say anything to your friend. I seriously doubt she'd do anything to purposely jeopardise this pregnancy. Just let her know that you're there for her... sorry if that sounds condescending, it isn't meant to be.
Womba x

madmarchhare Wed 22-Jun-05 20:18:12

No it doesnt sound condescending, Im just really grateful for any opinions on this as I really dont know what to do, thank you.

madmarchhare Wed 22-Jun-05 21:45:30

Am I not being obvious enough? What I suppose I mean is, is there a proven link betweem M/C and flying? Can anyone else give me anything here?

starlover Wed 22-Jun-05 21:46:32

hmm, they say not to travel in the 1st trimester don't they? really don't know why though,,,

starlover Wed 22-Jun-05 21:47:58

ok i was lying i think

look here

found similar info on a few other sites

madmarchhare Wed 22-Jun-05 22:07:33

Thanks, Ive had a look. It does seem quite positive overall really.

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