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blondie09 Tue 24-Nov-09 10:43:08

It will be a year since I lost my mum on Saturday, I don't know what I'm supposed to do..I'm at university 4 and a half hours away from where her ashes are buried so I can't visit. I don't really know why I'm posting, just wanted to write it down...

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mummylin2495 Tue 24-Nov-09 10:55:06

Im sorry about your sadness,if you cant get to visit,i would suggest that maybe you can put some flowers by her photo in your home.Hope this will help you.

2shoes Tue 24-Nov-09 10:56:51

was thare something that you both shared that was special?
I will drink a toast to my dad on the one year day, as we both love whisky.

rey Tue 24-Nov-09 10:58:53

Just wanted to say, I fully understand how you feel as I have this every time I would just like to go to my mum's. It is something I have had to get used to but it is still hard. mummylin I quite like your suggestion so will try that myself from now on. Usually I just stop and give myself a few minutes to think and do nothing. A friend said I could put flowers at her mum's grave but I haven't done that as it's not the same, nothing is the same, nothing. Part of grieving I suppose.

sh77 Tue 24-Nov-09 13:35:53

Hi blondie. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I know how you feel. My daughter passed away in April. As my husband and I live abroad, we are not able to spend much time at my daughter's grave in the UK. I do feel bad about that. I always have her pictures with me. I just don't know how I will commemorate her first birthday. Before she was born, I had the most stunning yellow daffodils growing in my garden and so had a vase of them in the weeks before she was born. I used to say that daffodils would always remind me of how happy I felt knowing that she was about to arrive. When I came home after she died, the daffodils in the garden had all wilted. It was the saddest thing. I am crying now thinking about it.

I agree with the previous poster - think about something that she loved, whether it was her fave flowers, music, food. Have her pics with you. Maybe just talk to her.xx

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