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Support for Helsi today

(11 Posts)
Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 12:19:20

Message withdrawn

starshaker Tue 21-Jun-05 12:20:45

lots of suport here helsi thinking of you

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 13:48:26

Message withdrawn

Marina Tue 21-Jun-05 13:50:28

Sorry to hear this Helsi, thinking of you all

Aero Tue 21-Jun-05 13:57:03

Thinking of you and aii his family and friends today Helsi.

helsi Tue 21-Jun-05 14:05:55

awwww thanks everyone- I haven't logged on for a while as busy at work and pc at home down so its just by luck I have a spare 10 mins today.
Thanks for your thoughts. It will take a while to get over the shock of this but this means a lot to me.
Thanks YG for starting this - your a true friend!!

Pruni Tue 21-Jun-05 14:09:10

Message withdrawn

Guardianangel Tue 21-Jun-05 14:13:33

Sorry to hear your sad news helsi. I will watch over him

almostanangel Tue 21-Jun-05 14:27:46

hugs hope your ok sweetie

coppertop Tue 21-Jun-05 14:28:06

I'm so sorry, helsi. xx

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 14:40:32

Message withdrawn

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