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MP will fight for changes after Bo's death!!!

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bubble99 Mon 13-Jun-05 22:16:58

I've posted this over on 'Other subjects'. I'm a positive Bubble today.

whimsy Mon 13-Jun-05 22:26:21

Good news bubble

lilibet Tue 14-Jun-05 09:02:39


Hulababy Tue 14-Jun-05 20:52:05

Good news bubble.

foxinsocks Tue 14-Jun-05 20:54:33

Great - I'm so glad Susan Kramer has proved to be useful! Let's hope she can take this forward now.

Pruni Tue 14-Jun-05 21:01:39

Message withdrawn

toria77 Tue 14-Jun-05 21:21:17

pleased you have something positive to post

charleepeters Tue 14-Jun-05 21:27:00

great news - good to see your finally having a result

Hazellnut Sun 19-Jun-05 09:47:26

I think I posted on 'other subjects' that we share the same MP so pleased they are doing something worthwhile... should have added, and sorry if its a bit late now, but if you want me to write or anything let me know !! as someone who had a fairly high risk delivery at the same hospital round about the same time it makes me realise how things could have been very different, and unforetunately were for you. Let me know if I can do anything.

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