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ErikaMaye Tue 20-Oct-09 11:02:28

Dear Jess,

Hiya, its just me. I've been thinking about you so much recently. I miss you. Your little nephew is due in just a few weeks now, and I can't tell you how much I wish you were here - mainly because you'd have been doing this first and I could really do with my big sister telling me its all going to be okay!!

Mum is starting to get really nervous, as you can imagine. Greatly enjoying looking at all the stuff, and of course nagging the hell out of me. You'd be giggling and smirking about it all I'm quite sure - and probably joining in with her in the preparations, cooing and panicking.

I really wish you were here.

Jessie I'm so frightened by everything, and I know you would understand better than anyone. My partner is wonderful, I'm certain you'd get on with him like a house on fire, but I just wish you were here to hold my hand through this all.

I just can't believe how much I'm missing you right now.

I hope you're looking down and reading this, rolling your eyes at my soppy thoughts, and getting ready to drive all the other angels bonkers talking about how gorgeous your nephew is!!

I love you. x

mumofsatan Tue 20-Oct-09 13:55:27

Hi Erika,
so sorry you lost your sister, it must be awful for you.
I can understand your feelings of sadness that your sister won't meet (yet) your baby boy. I felt exactly the same when my lovely mother died earlier this year, just 2 weeks before she was due to meet my baby boy.
I hope all goes well for you for the birth and have no doubt that my mum and your sister will be up there telling tales about the boys.

Take care xxx (You know me under my real name, not my halloween one)

basl Sun 25-Oct-09 01:21:36

ErikaMaye my sister died of cancer two years ago and my dd was only two. We were all meeting up on her birthday to put flowers down and go for a meet up and my dd said can i go to see my friend linda. THat was my sisters name. We thought it was because she had heard us talk about her but she said she was her friend and wanted to go. You never know your sister could be looking after you more than you think. Take care and good luck with the new baby x

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