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How can i help my friend?

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narna Sat 26-Sep-09 22:02:09

Tragically a friend of mine has just lost her child.
Is there anything,anything at all,that i can do for her?
I know nothing i say will ease the pain or make things better but if i could ease her burden even a little bit?

liahgen Sat 26-Sep-09 22:08:00

Blimey, that's terribly sad. Your poor friend and her family. And you too, I imagine you knew the child.

I can only say, be there for your friend, let her talk, cry with her, don't ignore her pain cos you don't know what to say, better to actually say, " i truly do not know what to say but just want you to know We are here"

Be practical, take the family some food, milk, bread, etc

Has she other dc's? Offer to take them out, although she might just want them close by right now.

Send her a card and in it, write about her beloved dc, what you felt about them when they made you both laugh that time, (pick an incident)

I don't have any wise words I'm afraid, it's every parents nightmare isn't it? Hugs to you all. x

evaangel2 Sat 26-Sep-09 22:19:56

I am so sorrysad
I lost my nephew earlier this year, my dear sis atm has her good and bad days

We found that talking about her ds eased the pain...she told me that her biggest dread that people would forget him

It is an emotional roller coaster, they may be smiling one min, snappy the next

I ring her once a week now, one wise mumsnetter told me that the first year is the worst
special dates, xmas, birthday etc bring the biggest dreaded times
5 stages of bereavement
hugs to you all!!xx

narna Mon 28-Sep-09 16:34:10

thank you xN

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