the soldiers dying

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mmrsceptic Sun 20-Sep-09 19:52:48

just want to say something after seeing some pictures in the Daily Mail of soldiers who recently died in Afghanistan

probably no one will respond but just want to say it's BLOODY TRAGIC

any wives, girlfriends, mothers, family out there reading this

you and they all deserve a box full of medals

god it's so awful

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jetonthedancefloor Tue 22-Sep-09 20:48:24

i will respond - it is tragic and awful - and God bless every single soldier and their families, no matter where they are fightingsad

Shoshe Tue 22-Sep-09 21:06:03

DH left the Army this week, after 24 years, I am so glad he will never go on active service again.

DB is currently in Afghan, his 4th RAF tour.

My heart goes in my mouth everytime I hear the news.

mmrsceptic Wed 23-Sep-09 04:23:30

I hope he stays safe Shoshe. I found the Afghan Heroes campaign and made a donation. Was feeling so moved by the awful conditions and the sacrifices being made.

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ben5 Wed 23-Sep-09 04:35:06

the lads and lassies are great and need our support. they do a great job and sometimes a bit of tlc when they come home.

mmrsceptic Wed 23-Sep-09 06:12:28

Thanks for your responses, thanks Jet. I can't help thinking, it's not political, it doesn't matter about agreeing with the campaign or not, it's just a catastrophe for every one of the families whatever the rights and wrongs of things. And some of the boys are so young, I mean -- even to be out there, if they come back alright, it's so young to see and experience some of those things.

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seeker Wed 23-Sep-09 06:19:11

It is tragic. And it is also tragic for every Afghan civilian caught in the crossfire.

Buda Wed 23-Sep-09 06:40:57

It is unbelievably tragic. And some of them are so so young.

namechangeasimnervous Wed 23-Sep-09 14:22:58

My friend is due to go on his second tour of duty to Afghanistan, he is a Marine, I know now as soon as he is gone i will panic everytime a Marine is killed....sad All i can do is pray that God keeps him safe.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 23-Sep-09 17:37:22

TBH I don't really understand why they were sent there, why they are still there and why they can't just come home.

I went out with a soldier but he never fought when I was with him but my friend's husband was in NI and Iraq.

God bless them all.

mmrsceptic Wed 23-Sep-09 17:59:34

If my memory serves me true, they were sent in the winter of 2001 because Afghanistan was the foster home of many terrorist training camps, with the Taliban regime supplying resources. They were working with a rebel Afghan leader who was killed during the campaign. The current aim is to help stabilise the country.

It's different from Iraq and the controversy over WMD.

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alibaabaa Thu 24-Sep-09 20:39:17

I too would like it if the troops were recognised more. I am ex-forces so a bit biased, but crikey, these lads and lasses selflessly put their lifes on the line for our freedom. I am not usually a hyper-emotional person, but it stops me in my tracks when the news comes on about another loss!! They don't deserve it and neither do their families.
I think about them every night before I go to sleep and always will!!

mmrsceptic Fri 25-Sep-09 14:27:54

If you look at the recognition the Italians gave to the soldiers they lost last week, it makes you feel as though ours have been slightly forgotten. At least some papers are now really covering it a lot more. Also -- amazing that the whole MPs expenses scandal was triggered by feelings of dismay over what the soldiers were getting compared to the MPs!

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Conundrumish Mon 05-Oct-09 12:59:52

I can't bear seeing it on the news, esp as the mum of boys sad. It's just so tragic.

I don't think they are even paid much for such risk are they? Over the week-end, our painter took a call from his friend in the forces asking him to get £20 to his mother for when he came home, so that he could celebrate. For God's sake, the poor man doesn't even seem to be paid enough to buy a pint to celebrate being alive shock. The painter worked late and we gave him some extra money and I wanted to say 'take your forces friend out' but it was difficult to tell him what to do with his money and it came out all wrong - hope I didn't sound patronising.

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