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huggybear Sun 05-Jun-05 20:02:08

is there anything other than paracetamol that will ease the pains? i cant take ibuprofin.


huggybear Sun 05-Jun-05 20:14:53


kid Sun 05-Jun-05 20:16:15

sorry to hear about your MC,
why can't you take ibuprofen?
How about a hot water bottle or warm bath?

lunachic Sun 05-Jun-05 20:16:40

co codamol ?

emily05 Sun 05-Jun-05 20:17:03

ummm, I know that codine does - but think that it is mixed with paracetamol. will have a think if there is anything else (obviously there is ice packs and hot water bottles which help)

SenoraPostrophe Sun 05-Jun-05 20:17:04


lunachic Sun 05-Jun-05 20:17:47

im sorry too hb love and hugs

wilbur Sun 05-Jun-05 20:18:11

You can ask your gp for something that has codeine in it although watch out as it might give you a touch of constipation. Or try homeopathic mag phos in a high dose. Hugs xxxx

huggybear Sun 05-Jun-05 20:19:34


havent got any coedine in the house but will get some tomorrow, will have to check if i can take it first though.

cant take some stuff cause i had a liver problem a couple of years ago and the dr said best not to use it

thanks for replying


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