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Should i send a card???

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mmmmchocolate Mon 30-May-05 22:31:01

my df plays football every saturday and last year 5 of us girlfriends got pregnant all around the sametime. 4 of us went on to have healthy babies but one girl had a miscarriage at 22 wks as baby. She fell pregnant again quite soon after and was due this month but found out yesterday she had lost the baby during birth or just after(not sure on all the details yet). I have only met her a few times but really want to let them know how sorry we are... But not sure how to show it????

KBear Mon 30-May-05 22:33:22

I think a "thinking of you" card could do no harm. keep it simple and heartfelt. they will be touched by your kindness I'm sure.

starlover Mon 30-May-05 22:33:56

i would send a card... let her know that you are thinking of her

lockets Mon 30-May-05 22:36:16

Message withdrawn

jangus Tue 31-May-05 12:02:08

I would suggest that you send a card, at a time like this you feel very alone and it does make a big difference to know that others are thinking of you. It is also important that you acknowledge that their child was an individual (irreplaceable) person. I found that it was important when people said "baby daughter" or used her name.

Roobie Tue 31-May-05 12:23:56

Yes I would definitely send a card along the lines that jangus suggested. My close friend was due at the same time as me (my ds is 6 weeks old now) however sadly her perfectly healthy baby son was stillborn at 35 weeks (hospital errors but that's another story). She and her partner both love talking about their baby and love hearing that people are thinking of them.

wendy11 Tue 31-May-05 13:06:04

When we lost Adam in September we received many cards and letters and these are now some of our most precious prosessions. We keep them in a box along with scan photos and photos of Adam after he was born. It is only now that I can look at these and read the kind words people have written but they mean so much to us as they are recogonition of the fact that we had a baby son, but that he is just not with us anymore. Please send a card, I know it will be appreciated.

Hausfrau Tue 31-May-05 13:14:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Thu 02-Jun-05 16:40:14

Do definitely please send them a card. It will help them so much, as others have said, to know you are thinking of them. Bereaved parents often have a treasure box for their babies in which they keep all the kind messages they received.
As jangus says, if you can find out the sex and name of their baby who died, and use this info in the card, that will be extra appreciated.

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