Ups and downs!

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quackers Tue 13-May-03 09:02:12

Hi all, Hope you are all keeping well.
I have had a few strange days of ups and downs. Friday I was about to present a make up class and as always there are pregnant women there. I have learned to just keep quiet and get on with it. One of them announced she is due September 17th. That would have been my due date! I was gutted and wanted to burst into tears and go home! There's always something at these classes. Last time I went to the toilet at a hostesses house and the sac came out. I was so upset but just carried on. Torture.
Anyway, today I am happier. The bleeding is calming down after passing two clots and I've had no pain since then. So I'm not even going to keep my doctors appointment today. I opened my Persona today - day 15, did a test and the ovulation symbol appeared!! I'm SO chuffed. I was petrified I was going to have long term affects of the m/c. It's been 9 weeks of bleeding!!
Tec, how are you doing chuck, haven't heard from you for a while. How's your bleeding going?

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Tec Tue 13-May-03 10:22:44

Have just posted a long note on infections thread - have a read! No change really. Glad to hear you are happier. I don't understand bodies. How can you bleed one day and then ovulate a few days later?

I know exactly how you feel about pregnant people and other situations. Part of my job is children's services and last week I had to sit with a group of mums (half of which were pregnant)while they complained about sleppless nights, and how tired they were being pregnant. Then one pregnant lady got her 3 month scan pictures out! I just wanted to run and cry. But I couldn't. You just have to keep your professional head on!

I had to go out with my friend who is pregnant. It really upset me. She was due at the same time as me and is now in maternity clothes! I hate this. I just want to forget the whole thing and move one, but when youre still bleeding you cant!

quackers Tue 13-May-03 12:01:04

My God, they just don't have a clue do they!! They are so Lucky! If I get pregnant again I will not moan about anything. Actually I didn't moan alot the first time as I really did feel lucky to be carrying a baby. You are obviously ovulating too. It must be amazing to have the sonographer tell you there's an egg! I hope that's enough to get you through the bleeding bit. I have felt so much happier knowing I can still produce eggs! I can sort of cope with the bleeding as long as there is no infection or bright red blood. I really hope you and I get over this soon and move onto the thread about pregnancy after miscarriage! I hope to start trying regardless now of the bit of bleeding after another period. All the best Tec!

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Tec Tue 13-May-03 15:03:06

Actually had forgotton the bit about the Sonographer saying there was an egg sac. You're right Ihave to take heart from this and hope the rest works iteself out eventually. Have continued taking the pill, but stopped today for weeks break. We'll see what happends.

I just want my body back and feel I can trust it not to bleed when it shouldnt etc. Imagine getting pregnant now and still be bleeding from miscarriage and worrying you are losing the baby again. I need to know mine is back to normal before I try again I am trying not to put a time on ttc again so I am not too dissapointed if I am not right then.

It seems Jayc is sorted at last from her m/c in January, perhaps we just need time?

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