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Bo's enquiry. An update. My thoughts today.

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bubble99 Sat 30-Apr-05 22:28:49

Mr Bubble and I have spent most of today digesting the facts from yesterday's meeting and I feel I need to clarify a few points.

First and foremost, our anger is directed towards the system. The Head of Midwifery and the consultant who was charged with handling the enquiry are not monsters. They are committed, dedicated professionals who could be earning a lot more working in the private sector. Instead they choose to work in appalling conditions, delivering babies and bringing untold joy to so many people. Due to funding, we were left in the care of overworked doctors and midwives who were not up to the job, there was no senior midwife coordinating the unit who would have instantly recognised that I needed to be moved to the labour ward for action or at least adequate monitoring.

The head midwife and the consultant both told us that Bo had been fatally failed by the hospital, and admitted responsibility. What made us angry was that we could sense they had been 'got at' by someone further up the food chain, a someone with an eye on the political implications and the possibility of legal action.

At one point I looked over at the midwife's kind and caring face. There were tears in her eyes and her hands were shaking as she held my medical notes and her stomach was rumbling as she hadn't had time for a lunch break. How can we blame these people? I would not sleep if I let their names be dragged through the courts.

I reserve judgement on the anaesthetic consultant. I have now made it my mission to investigate mears's professional opinion, that each hospital should have a policy for dealing with failed intubation in obstetric cases and a procedure to ensure that oxygenation is maintained for the baby/ies. If he can take action, in good grace, to formulate such a policy, then we can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that the next person in our position will not lose their child. This is all we want.

The staffing issue is much harder to deal with. Mr Bubble and are both feeling totally drained by our experience but I am determined that Bo's legacy will be to highlight the potentially fatal impact of understaffing in midwifery services. One of the recommendations, as a result of our case, is that no woman pregnant with twins should be admitted for routine induction later than 4pm on a weekday. This is because, at that time of day, there will be senior, experienced staff on duty to ensure adequate care or at least be aware that a twin pregnancy is in the hospital. What that tells me is that it's not safe to go into hospital after 5pm on a weekday or at anytime over a weekend. This is wrong

I am going to start a thread on 'other subjects' to try to mobilise mumsnet troops to help me with a campaign to substantially increase London and Outer London Weighting to ensure that midwives can afford to practice in areas where the cost of living is so high. We are prepared to contact the national media. This is a hot topic and there have been too many cases of babies dying due to failures in care caused primarily by understaffing.

If it saves another baby, maybe your baby, then I will feel that Bo did not die in vain.

Caligula Sat 30-Apr-05 22:31:32

Bubble, you are so kind and forgiving and decent. I wish you all the best with your campaign.

pixiefish Sat 30-Apr-05 22:34:09

hugs bubble- get something done in Bo's name- then as you say he would not have died in vain

snafu Sat 30-Apr-05 22:36:38

Bubble. I am overwhelmed with admiration for your dignity, bravery and grace at such an unbelievably difficult time.

As a student midwife as of this coming September, I will do anything I can to support a campaign. I have a small number of midwifery contacts so please feel free to let me know if there's anything I can do.

oops Sat 30-Apr-05 22:41:45

Message withdrawn

Potty1 Sat 30-Apr-05 23:56:27

Bubble ((hugs)) . I have had a child who suffered due to medical negligence (twice)

I know how I felt when I received the apology I'd asked for, the admittance that mistakes had been made and the assurance that it wouldn't happen again. I still have my child here, and am no way comparing my situation to yours.......but I so hope that one day you are able to say to yourself 'I did my best at the time for my child, and after, to ensure that this would not happen to another mum'. That is all you can do and that is a great gift to other parents.

Much love & strength X

mears Sun 01-May-05 00:23:25

Bubble - here are the NICE guidelines which state that all hospitals should have a failed intubation drill and the position the theatre bed should be in at C/S. It is on page 16.

NICE guideline

psychomum5 Sun 01-May-05 00:25:10

Bubble......I feel humbled by your dignity in your words. I feel sure that if I were in your posistion I would not be so forgiving.

I so, so hope that some good comes from this tragedy, and, like you say, that Bo will have not died in vain.

I hope that any outcome from the enquiry hits the right places......and will follow any campaign closely. Please believe me tho that midwifery shortages are not just confined to is a nationwide disgrace that all midwife positions are not filled, and that many midwives feel so let down by the conditions and the 'powers that be' that they are leaving, and not being replaced.

Many, many hugs to you, Mr bubble and all your boys.

mears Sun 01-May-05 00:39:48

Royal college of Anaesthetists

Scroll down the list and you will find the guidance for obstetric anaesthesia

oops Sun 01-May-05 00:54:20

Message withdrawn

Spacecadet Sun 01-May-05 16:44:08

bubble, you are a very forgiving person, i posted on your other thread and i slated your consultant anaesthetist, he should have known the correct procedure. many a time i came home from work exhausted and tearful because i had gone on shift and found that there had been just 3 of us to cover a whole ward(inc side bays) this isa surgical ward where most patients need a high degree of care, it was not unusual to go home after a shift having never even had a drink, let alone eaten. you were the victim of serious understaffing, something that i raged on about to anyone that would listen when i was at work, however, i think that your booking in midwive should have organised your consultant appt but i do agree that the midwives on duty were in effect powerless to deliver the care you needed, the blame lies with thw hospital, the government, who tell us that nhs staffing and conditions have improved, it hasnt, when i had dd2 a women was ranting and raving at a midwife because her baby needed a visit from the paediatrician who hadnt turned up, the midwife tried to explain that she was powerless to do anything other than repeatedly bleep the paed, i felt so sorry for her as she told me she was newly qualified and she was so lovely. i beleive there is a dreadful midwife shortage at the moment, no wonder really, im more than happy to support your cause bubble, if it stops this tragedy from happening again, its worth it, you and mr bubble must be exhausted, i hope you are getting plenty of support from 3rd parties(family etc) sending you lots of hugs{{{hugs}}}

wavingordrowning Sun 01-May-05 19:22:18

Everyone has said everything I think and far better than I could ever hope to. So, all I can do is send hugs, best wishes and any useful moral support and add my name to the many people out there who are supporting you...

Riebee Wed 11-May-05 20:19:05

Bubble .. I would gladly support any campaign
I am amazed by your strength and your capacity for forgiveness and understanding. My thoughts are with you, Mr Bubble and your family

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