Online Friend lost her fight with Cancer

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TheHedgeWitchIsNAK Sat 25-Apr-09 13:57:30

Message withdrawn

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MuffinBaker Sat 25-Apr-09 13:58:56

HOw ever you want

I am so sorry for your loss

i am sure lots of us have cried over a loss of someone we have never met

orangehead Sat 25-Apr-09 14:00:50

I dont think you have to have phyisally meet someone to be able to a close relationship with them.
Im so sorry for your loss. My thougts are with you and her family

melissa75 Sun 26-Apr-09 17:46:25

Your post has reminded me of things on so many levels. When I was a university student, I got really into the chat network ICQ and connected with some people via chatting, and to cut a very long story short, ended up regularly chatting with a guy about the same age as me. We had a lot in common, and remained in touch for many years. During the first few years of my chatting with him online, I was going through a lot of personal issues, and he one day asked me if I wanted to talk to his Mum about it as she was really knowledgable etc... I was only 18 at the time, so agreed to it. Anyway, I became great "friends" with both him and his Mum through the internet, and remained in close contact for 12 years, and it was just last year that the Mum passed away to cancer as well. I had never met them, but we had exchanged letters, cards, presents and many phone calls over the years and had developed a very close friendship, but still never met. It sounds strange when you say it to someone because people think, well how can you be true friends with someone when you have never met them. I personally think thats a load of bollocks!
Anyway, circumstances at the time allowed me to be able to attend the funeral of my dear friend, and thus this was actually the first time I met her son (who was my original contact and how I met his Mum), along with the rest of their family that I felt I too had gotten to know over the years.
Anyway, just wanted to provide some background before saying that this loss absolutely devastated me, I felt as if I was losing my own parent, and was really highly affected by it.
So based on my experience, the best advice I can say is you grieve the loss just like you would if you had met your dear friend. having met them in a physical sense makes no difference, you have lost a friend, and so you just need to grieve in the best way you know how.

I am so sorry for your loss.

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