Uncle died fri night, angel ds birthday day of funeral.How to cope?

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Sakladdie Sun 19-Apr-09 18:12:36

My dear uncle died of cancer fri night.Mum,stepdad and i there for end.sad
His funeral is now taking place on my stillborn ds birthday.My ds would be 22 so know i should get on with it but dont know how i will cope.
To make matters worse dh is going to have a fight to get off work as they are a nightmare.angryI know you will say he should just tell he is going but not that easy when they just paid off 6 last week.

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MummyDoIt Sun 19-Apr-09 18:51:04

So sorry to hear of your loss. It is especially tough that the funeral will take place on such a difficult day for you. I wish I had words to comfort you and advise you on how to get through the day. I just didn't want your thread to go unanswered.

MuffinBaker Sun 19-Apr-09 19:28:48

Sorry for your difficult emotions. sad

Could your DH ring in sick?

giraffesCantRunA10k Sun 19-Apr-09 19:30:17

So sorry to hear that, and sorry to hear the funeral will be on what would be such a difficult day anyway.

Sakladdie Tue 21-Apr-09 16:07:53

Thanks all.I will be doing my best to compose myself but suppose should just let it go.Just afraid to upset everyone else.sad
My dh has took days holiday so feel so much better about it now that he will be there.smile

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lottiejenkins Fri 24-Apr-09 21:41:28

Sakladdie.............have you thought about joining our bereaved mums thread?

Sakladdie Sun 26-Apr-09 13:10:45

Thanks for your help.
"Lottie" i have taken a look at this thread,thanks for that.
Funeral actually went very well,i was extremely emotional as couldnt help it in the end.sad
Afterwards went to cemetery to visit my boy,then out for dinner.
Just happy it is all over now.

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