It's 5 years ago today since my mum died.

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BecauseImWoeufit Fri 10-Apr-09 21:24:34

Still concerned about the fact that I haven't really grieved for her.

Reading some threads here about bereavement have helped.

Anyway, I love you, my mummy.

And I miss you and think about you every day.

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Lilyloo Fri 10-Apr-09 21:25:25

sad it is very hard

orangehead Fri 10-Apr-09 21:26:53

Im sorry about your mum, hope you ok.

Hassled Fri 10-Apr-09 21:28:18

Don't assume you haven't grieved - it comes in many different forms. Posting this was an expression of your grief. And it's not something that has a cut-off point - it will always be part of you.

I'm very sorry - it is so bloody hard.

Portoeufino Fri 10-Apr-09 21:31:20

sad for you.

Mine died 36 years ago (I was 4) so I didn't even really KNOW her ifyswim. I still miss her.

To remember and miss the REAL Mum, must be awful.

BecauseImWoeufit Fri 10-Apr-09 21:40:19

Thank you, all.

I'm fine. I just get a bit cross sometimes, because she was only 66 and was really enjoying her life.

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BecauseImWoeufit Fri 10-Apr-09 23:39:48

And I miss talking to her. We were only 21 years apart. There are so many things I would like to talk to her about, specifically the menopause.

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watsthestory Fri 10-Apr-09 23:42:19

Message withdrawn

policywonk Fri 10-Apr-09 23:42:30

I'm sorry BIWI. I know what you mean about having things you'd like to talk to her about.

Raising a glass Del Monte Refreshing Iced Mango Smoothie to your lovely mum.

BecauseImWoeufit Fri 10-Apr-09 23:52:28

I think she would have preferred it with a gin in it, actually!

Sorry. I'm very appreciative of all your messages - just I know what she was like!

I suppose that's why I miss her really.

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2shoestrodonalltheeggs Fri 10-Apr-09 23:55:02

sad bless you

policywonk Sat 11-Apr-09 00:01:06

There's no substitute, is there.

I hae it when people say 'your mum is with you in spirit' and all that malarkey. No she isn't. If she was she'd be telling me wtf to do.

BecauseImWoeufit Sat 11-Apr-09 00:01:53

Thank you, 2shoes.

I'm OK now, actually. I know that my mum would not have wanted me (or my brother) to wallow. She was very much someone who wanted to live life to the full.

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Heathcliffscathy Sat 11-Apr-09 00:06:24

thoughts going out to you because. x

2shoestrodonalltheeggs Sat 11-Apr-09 00:06:56

BecauseImWoeufit I know, my mum died when I was 18 so a long time ago, and I still miss her.
I have a feeling missing my dad and greiving for him is going to take a long time(he has only been gone 2 months and omg I want him back) so be kind to yours self.

BecauseImWoeufit Sat 11-Apr-09 00:12:23

Sorry 2shoes [[hugs]] - I know that's not very MN.

There are no words, are there?

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