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Bleeding after m/c and ERPC - help!

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quackers Tue 15-Apr-03 16:26:30

Can anyone advise how long bleeding lasts after ERPC??? I had a m/c at 14 weeks although the baby was only 8-10 weeks. They left me for 3 weeks to let it 'happen' I passed the baby and then had to go for an ERPC. I bled for the first day and then nothing for 5/6 days. I started bleeding again a week ago - bright red blood, fairly heavy. How long will this last and will I ever stop bleeding?
Any input appreciated!!!

willow2 Wed 16-Apr-03 07:49:57

go to you doctor - don't want to alarm you but you might have an infection or blood clot.

quackers Wed 16-Apr-03 08:58:33

Thanks, I went last night. I already had antibiotics for any infection. They gave me some tablets to help stop the bleeding as I am in no pain. So hopefully that will be that! Over a month later I hope it works! Going back in a few days and if it has still not stopped I presume they will rescan. I mean re-re-re-re-re scan!!

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