I just want another day(or even an hour)

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2shoestrodonalltheeggs Wed 01-Apr-09 21:59:09

with my dad.
silly I know, but I still can't believe that I won't ever see him again.

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differentEggD Wed 01-Apr-09 22:00:35

it hurts. it's not been very long at all, of course you will want to see him, hug him again.

It isn't silly at all.

bigmouthstrikesagain Wed 01-Apr-09 22:04:16

Sorry that it isn't possible twoshoes.sad

I know how you feel and my Dad died 15 years ago! But my brother just found some old super eight film of Dad - just a few seconds really and it made me so happy to see him on screen but so upset as well.

LilRedWG Wed 01-Apr-09 22:06:05

I know what you mean. I've been a little better this week but am today. The other day I could smell my Dad at the foot of my stairs, it was lovely and sad.

Take care. x

2shoestrodonalltheeggs Wed 01-Apr-09 22:11:31

I think it is cos we are intering(sp) his ashes on friday, I have been really down today.
my neighbour was so sweet she just randomly gave me flowers on saturday. just to brighten my day.

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LilRedWG Wed 01-Apr-09 22:16:06

Understandable. I was very like this last week before Mum and Dad's ashes were scattered. Take one day at a time honey. x

nickytwotimes Wed 01-Apr-09 22:18:43

Totally understandable.

I still wish for one more hug or phone call or little chat nearly 4 yrs on. The pain is far less intense, but oh, it would be so nice, wouldn't it?
I hope Friday goes okay for you.

2shoestrodonalltheeggs Wed 01-Apr-09 22:34:08

my db decided in his infinite wisdom to tell me to listen to "dance with my father again" beautiful song but very sad

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Gentle Wed 01-Apr-09 22:44:13

Aw I know how this feels 9 years on. Every now and again I have an epic dream about my Dad where he's meeting my babies, or we're having a chat about my current job.

I know this is me rassuring myself and not an angel visiting me or anything, but it always feels lovely, particularly to know that I can remember his face & voice in such detail.

2shoes, for me, the feeling of disbelief pops up every now and again, but less often and in a much more gentle way. Remember that, whatever your beliefs about afterlife, he is part of your life experience forever and there's nothing to stop you telling him about your news if you want to.

Perhaps not at the checkout in Tescos though, eh?

Gentle Wed 01-Apr-09 22:44:55

*I meant "reassuring myself!"

2shoestrodonalltheeggs Thu 02-Apr-09 21:14:23

oh he would like that he shopped at tescos

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Gentle Fri 03-Apr-09 12:40:26

ah, in that case chat away and knickers to everyone else!

LilRedWG Fri 03-Apr-09 13:51:13

Thinking of you today 2shoes. xx

2shoestrodonalltheeggs Fri 03-Apr-09 15:53:00

it went really well.
dd was as good as gold. she lol when the preist showed her the bag that dad was in and said " say hello to Bob"
the service was short and sweet, there were 14 of us there(including dd and the preiest) so nice of hei freinds to take time out to come.
I debated about buying some flowers(he hated cut flowers) but my brother had found a garden vouche rin the house and used it to get a lovely pot with proper plants in, it looked lovely.

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2shoestrodonalltheeggs Fri 03-Apr-09 15:53:19

smile for my dad

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LilRedWG Fri 03-Apr-09 17:52:15

I'm so glad it went well for you all and that DD was okay. It sounds as though the preist was lovely.

fryalot Fri 03-Apr-09 22:19:21

oh I'm glad it went well, I was thinking of you today.

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