My mum died this morning.

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tots2ten Fri 20-Mar-09 21:50:39

Following on from the conversation i had with my mum on sunday, when she asked me if she was coming home to die.

We brought her home from the hospital on Tuesday. She died this morning, with my dad, sister and brother all sitting with her.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer in August last year.

It was the most surreal experience i have ever had. It was so peaceful. she was unsettled until my sister arrived, then seemed to go to sleep. she took her last breath at 10.15am.

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QOD Fri 20-Mar-09 21:51:29

So sorry for your loss, so glad it was peaceful

nickytwotimes Fri 20-Mar-09 21:51:56

So sorry for your loss.
Glad you were all able to be together though.

2shoes Fri 20-Mar-09 21:51:57

so very sorrysad
my dad died just over a month ago so I know the pain you are in.

DaisyMooSteiner Fri 20-Mar-09 21:51:58

I'm so sorry sad I'm glad she was peaceful and that you were all able to be there.

Wishing you strength and peace.

herbietea Fri 20-Mar-09 21:53:25

Message withdrawn

McDreamy Fri 20-Mar-09 21:53:29

So sorry sad

Poledra Fri 20-Mar-09 21:54:46

I'm sprry for your loss sad

Lilyloo Fri 20-Mar-09 21:56:25

so sorry but glad it was peaceful for her

swissmiss Fri 20-Mar-09 21:57:22

So sorry Tots.
Surreal and peaceful sum up exactly how I experienced my Father's death.

NuckingFuts Fri 20-Mar-09 21:57:47

So sorry sad

daffodill6 Fri 20-Mar-09 21:58:24

So sorry - I'm glad she was with you all - I'll be thinking of you over the coming days

Mummyfor3 Fri 20-Mar-09 22:00:51

My condolences, Tots.
I hope in time to come you can take comfort from the fact she died peacefully and with her family around her.

jollydiane Fri 20-Mar-09 22:02:39

So Sorry, but as time passes you will have that memory that she died with her loving family and I think that helps.

tots2ten Fri 20-Mar-09 22:53:19

Thank you for all your messages. Mum was where she wanted to be, at home, with her family.

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Molesworth Fri 20-Mar-09 23:01:31

I'm so sorry tots2ten

giraffescantdancethetango Fri 20-Mar-09 23:03:05

so sorry

callmeovercautious Fri 20-Mar-09 23:05:09

My thoughts are with you X

Hopefully it is a small comfort that she was peacful and with those she loved at the end.

Ronaldinhio Fri 20-Mar-09 23:06:16

I'm so sorry for your loss x

AitchTwoOh Fri 20-Mar-09 23:07:13

glad it was peaceful for her, very sorry for your loss.

TigersEnglandChick Fri 20-Mar-09 23:08:20

sad So sorry for your loss.
Glad it was peaceful.

Sazisi Fri 20-Mar-09 23:08:48

I'm very sorry for your loss xxxx

It is wonderful that she was able to die at home surrounded by people she loved. That is something to cherish and take comfort from

whatsgoingonwithme Fri 20-Mar-09 23:09:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JackBauer Fri 20-Mar-09 23:24:16

tots2ten. So sorry for you all. But also pleased in some way for you all that she was where she wanted to be, with her family round her. And to be honest, her being at home where she wanted is down to you so take comfort in the fact that you did everything you could, xxx

How are the DC's? A especially as I think she knew something was up. No fooling that one.

tigerdriver Fri 20-Mar-09 23:25:41

So sorry. It was peaceful, she wanted you all there. Treat yourself and yours gently, you will need to grieve.

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