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Bleeding / discharge for 2 weeks!!

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Melanie75 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:16:04

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me - perhaps someone has experianced something simalar.

Have been TTC, and this month started a brown yucky discharge a week before period due. I assumed it was my period early, but it never got to what I would consider a normal period.

On the day my period was due, I did a HPC which to my confusion was pregnant (although I did not have full period, I knew that having had been having discharge for a week, it was not likely).

I am still having the brown discharge / the occassional spot of red blood. THis will be day 10 of it. Yet I have a + test?

I have an appointment a week today at the EPU for a scan? In the meantime, Im worried sick. Does anyone have any ideas???

Mirage Fri 15-Apr-05 21:10:41

I don't want to scare you,but the same thing happened to me & my baby was ectopic (grew in the fallopian tube,instead of the womb).A brown,watery discharge is one of the symptoms,as is pain in the shoulder or 1 sided stomach pain.If you have any pain,please go to A&E immediately,as Ectopics can be very dangerous if not caught in time.A scan is the only sure way to rule the possibility out,but they can only really scan you properly when you are 6wks+ ie 2 wks after your peiod was due.In the meantime,it is worth asking your GP if they can do blood tests to check the amount of HCG in your body.In a normal pregnancy it should go up by at least 66% every 48 hours & by the time it reaches 1000,something can normally be seen on a scan. is a great website which is there to help women who suspect,or have had an ectopic pregnancy.

Again,I don't want to frighten you,but it is important to get prompt treatment.I am only here today because mine was spotted in time by a good Dr.

mummytosteven Fri 15-Apr-05 21:13:52

i had something similar - a light brown discharge and cramps for a few days around time my period was due, then a + HPT and went thru the suspected ectopic/early scan/blood test route, but fortunately everything was fine, and I had a successful pg. I would echo what Mirage says - this can be symptoms of an ectopic, so if you get pain before the scan, make sure you get checked out immediately.

best of luck

Melanie75 Fri 15-Apr-05 22:08:05

Hi Mirage

Sorry to hear about your experiance. I hope you dont mind me asking you a few more questions...

- did your discharge actually start before your period was due, and how long did it last?

- how was your ectopic pregnancy dignosed, and treated?

Thanks for the advice. I think you are right - I will see my GP on Mon and ask them to start the ball rolling with blood tests.

Mirage Sat 16-Apr-05 09:26:14

Hi Melanie75,

Thanks for your message-I don't mind answering any questions at all!

My ectopic was in 2002,so my exact memory of events may be a bit hazy.I think the discharge started just after the time my period was due & I remember thinking that it wasn't a 'proper' period.After a week,I decided to do a pregnancy test & was shockedbut over the moon when it came up positive.Iwent to my GP & mentioned the discharge,but as it is common to spot whilst pregnant & I had no pain,we both decided to just keep an eye on things.

A week later,I had to come home from work with horrible period like pains & more discharge.My GP was worried that I was miscarrying,took an Hcg blood test, booked me in for a scan on the following week & told me to rest up over the weekend.Over the weekend,the discharge had stopped & the pain had gone.So I went for my scan thinking that everything would be fine.

It wasn't,the scanner couldn't find anything in my womb & said that I'd either gotten my dates wrong or it was ectopic.They did another bloodtest to check my HCG levels & they were far too low for a normal pregnancy.I was called back into hospital that night & operated on the next day.They did a laparoscopy,so I only had a tiny scar,a centimetre long,but sadly,the baby was in my right tube.The surgeon said that it was only 0.5cm big,so he was able to remove it without damaging my tube.I was devastated,as was my DH,but he was glad that I was still alive,he knew how serious it can be.

I was able to leave hospital the next day & had to go back to have another blood test to check that my HCG levels were dropping & that was basically it.My GP was shocked that I'd had an ectopic,as apparently they only occur in 1 in a 100 pregnancies,but sadly,they do appear to be more common these days.I had no history of pelvic infections or anything that can cause ectopics,it was just bad luck.

We were very very lucky in that I managed to keep both my tubes & even more lucky that I got pregnant again just 7 wks later & had a beautiful baby girl.I am now pregnant again & due in 7wks time,so having an ectopic pregnancy doesn't always mean reduced fertility.

I will admit that losing that baby was the most awful thing that had ever happened to me & I will never forget the date that I had the op or the date it would have been due,if everything had been ok.I got a lot of support from the Ectopic pregnancy website & made some very good friends there.

I will keep everthing crossed for you.As mummytosteven says,you can have bleeding & go on to have a perfectly healthy baby.I did with my daughter & I bled with my current pregnancy too-so it isn't always bad news.If you would like to CAT me to ask anything else,please do & please let us know how you get on.

Will be thinking of you over the next few days

carolou Sat 16-Apr-05 09:44:04

I had brown discharge in my last pregnancy for about 3/4 weeks, it was never really enough that I needed to wear protection, I would just notice when I went to the toilet and wiped. It was a very worrying time it occurred from about 9 weeks onwards. I went for a nuchal scan at 12 weeks and the consultant told me I had a healthy baby inside and not to worry, yeah right! I did go on to have a lovely 10lb 13oz baby in January, but I will never forgot that time Hope this helps.

Mirage Mon 18-Apr-05 12:06:24

How did you get on at the Drs Melanie75?Hope they were helpful.

Melanie75 Mon 18-Apr-05 16:02:32

Hi Mirage,

Thanks for remembering! I have decided to wait until Friday for the scan. The 'gunk' has stopped with only the odd drop.

From all my reading on the net, I had came to the eptopic conclusion before I posted on MN, and your story is very like my situation. I appreciate you sharing it with me - please dont worry about scaring me. My own feeling is its best to get it in the open.

When I tested on Wed, somehow deep inside I knew this pregnancy was not 'normal'. Now that the discharge has stopped / not got worse and that I have not had any pain, I feel that I am starting to get my hopes up that this will be a viable pregnancy.

My due date would be 18th Dec. Wouldnt that be a great time to have a baby! (see what I mean about getting hopes up!!!). One part of me is wanting to imagine what life will be like with a second child, and the other half is saying things are not right.

Its so difficult, but I will just have to hang in there until Fri, when I will be 5 + 5 and if anything is wrong, hopefully it will be picked up then.

Thank you for your support {smile}

Mirage Mon 18-Apr-05 16:53:47

Thanks for letting us know how you are doing.I'm glad things seem to have settled down-it could just be implantation bleeding!

I understand what you mean about getting your hopes up-its like being on a rollercoaster.A Christmas baby though-how wonderful.

I'll continue to keep everything crossed for you for Friday.

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