I just heard something on the news. I thought, I will ring my Nana and tell her

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NewAppallingBeginning Wed 21-Jan-09 13:18:21

She died nearly 4 years ago.

I feel silly.


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Flower3545 Wed 21-Jan-09 13:20:17

Oh don'tsad My dad died in 1973 when I was a teenager and i still want to tell him stuffsad

PigeonPie Wed 21-Jan-09 13:26:45

Definitely don't feel silly. When we did my DS's thank you letters for Christmas and I said to DH that it felt funny not writing to my Grandpapa - he died almost two years ago. However, I know that he is still around when I need him, just like my darling great grannie is around sometimes for me too.

NewAppallingBeginning Wed 21-Jan-09 13:56:12

Thank you.

I still can't believe she has gone. sad

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VintageGardenia Wed 21-Jan-09 13:58:54

That happens to me all the time, my father died five years ago. It's still automatic. It was a bit disturbing at first, when I had to remember he wasn't here - now I like that it still happens. I think about him every day of my life.

Flower3545 Wed 21-Jan-09 14:04:04

me too VintageGardeniasad

I was recently at an elderly uncles funeral and my cousins were all saying how much they'd miss their dad, I'm ashamed to say all I could think of was how lucky they were to have had him for that longblush

I would have given almost anything to have had my dad walk me down the aisle or see our dc's when we had children.

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