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How can I help my dd deal with the death of her great nan.

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cedar12 Tue 20-Jan-09 11:24:44

My husband nan died 10 months ago now and my 5 year old dd still gets upset. She was a lovely lady and dd loved going to see her when she was live. She seem to be fine at the time got a little bit upset after a little while.
The last 3 months she keeps becoming upset and crying and says she misses great nanny to much. Some times I am not sure if she is getting upset about something else but saying she is upset about nanny. Not sure how to deal with it I keep saying that greatnanny loved her lots and wouldnt want her to be upset, and that she loved to see her smiling and happy. She was upset the other day at the ball pit not sure what happened but she said she was just upset because of great nanny but I think it was probably some thing else that upset her. She has asked to go and see where she went when she died. But she was cremated and there isnt a grave stone or anything to see. Any ideasof what I should do? I have got to go to work now but will check thread tomorrow thanks.

NormaJeanBaker Tue 20-Jan-09 11:40:14

There are some great books which might help - Badger's Parting Gifts is one. In a rush now but if I don't get back with more search in previous threads since this is covered. But I suspect there might be something else afoot - it is unusual for a five year old to get that upset so regularly about bereavement although of course I don't know her or the circumstances. My daughter (5 too) lost three grandparents last year and talks about them a lot but not really upset. Ds says in a sad voice he misses his granddad - but the gulps are usually from DH when he hears that.

Is she feeling she's missing out on attention for some reason and knows this is a subject it's OK to be sad about and be taken seriously?

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