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Thinking of Harvey

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berries Tue 25-Mar-03 09:54:51

Bobbins - thinking of you and Harvey today. Through you, Harvey has touched the lives of many people who didn't have the good luck to meet him. He was very lucky to have you for a mum.
Thinking of you

snickers Tue 25-Mar-03 10:17:38

Me too Bobbins. Lots and lots of love xxx

ScummyMummy Tue 25-Mar-03 21:42:21

me three. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Clarinet60 Wed 26-Mar-03 09:44:05

Me four. It would be lovely to make a tribute to Harvey somehow. My brian's not working today, so I can only think of a picture done by DS.

Thinking of you Bobbins.

Enid Wed 26-Mar-03 09:46:20

Lots of love Bobbins x E

Demented Wed 26-Mar-03 09:57:47

Been thinking of you Bobbins.

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