Feel like I am in the "Twighlight Zone"

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MUM23ASD Thu 06-Nov-08 20:55:20

A couple of weks ago many of you helped me over the dilema of how to celebrate my MIL's 74th birthday as she had terminal cancer.

Tonight she died.

Exactly as she wanted. At home with her 4 children & 2 of her sisters by her side.

So, as suggested, i am going to choose a clear night, and pick a star and wish her peace.

About 3 pm she got worse- and DH warned me. So I got a beautiful scented candle, lit it and thought of her all afternoon.

DH rang me at 7pm- and we had a very short conversation.He was very tearful

My boys & i blew out the candle after DH phoned at 7.15

His dad died in january this year too...so its all still so raw.

I feel like until he comes home tonight- then its not real (twighlight zone)...as i have not seen his grief.

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nickytwotimes Thu 06-Nov-08 20:57:08

What a hard time for you all.

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