I saw my grandma today

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catweazle Wed 22-Oct-08 18:19:03

At lunchtime I saw my grandma in a shop. Only I didn't, because she died 4 years ago this week

This little lady was her to a T. Same height, same hair, same face, same glasses, same smile. It was only when she spoke to the sales assistant and didn't have a Yorkshire accent that I was sure it wasn't her.

Since I saw her I've felt really shocked and on the verge of tears. She was 92 when she died and although I was sad at her passing I haven't been upset until today.

I have been particularly upset by the news of the M6 crash so perhaps I'm just on edge. Does anyone recognise this "shocked" feeling?

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stleger Wed 22-Oct-08 18:47:13

I used to 'see' my dad a lot but only 'saw' my mum once. It is deeply unsettling, I agree. I heard a woman on the radio a while ago ( I am in Ireland) who turned on her car radio and her father's voice was talking - he had recorded a programme about folk music I think - he had died about 10 years previously. I can't make my mind up about that! (Haven't heard M6 news, I take it it is sad?)

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