insensitive email from huggiesclub re my imminent arrival

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tassis Wed 02-Mar-05 14:20:43

Flippin huggiesclub have just sent me an email about the "exciting times ahead" and how I must be looking forward to my "imminent arrival". I had a v early miscarriage last August and baby would've been due in April. I'm generally absolutely fine about it, but could do without such an insensitive email. I don't know where they got their information - I didn't tell anyone about the pregnancy until after the m/c.

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sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 14:33:07

did you register with any baby site at the time?? You can ask to be taken off their list. A friend of mine lost her little boy at 4 months old and she was still recieving nappy vouchers for ages after.

tassis Wed 02-Mar-05 14:39:35

No, I signed up for everything with ds (now 22 months), but the only person I told about this pregnancy was the nappylady coz it spurred me on to switch to cloth. I can't see her telling huggiesclub somehow!!

Tragic about your friend, sparklymieow.

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sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 14:41:48

she knew he was going to die, tassis, but when all the vouchers and newsletters came through, it was very hard for her.

suzywong Wed 02-Mar-05 15:11:44


they really should be pulled up (pull-ups, nappies, sorry bad pun) about that, I was still getting tesco baby club things in a similar situation to you tassis, but was pg again by that time but I completely see your point

northerner Wed 02-Mar-05 15:17:32

If you go to (telephone preference service) and choose baby mps (baby mail preference sevice) you can register to NOT receive any baby related mailings.

Hope this helps you and many others.

Marina Wed 02-Mar-05 15:37:46

Do follow Northerner's advice, this service works - we had to use it ourselves for the same reason just after it was set up. So sorry tassis, it's the small hurts that really sting...

tassis Wed 02-Mar-05 20:23:33

Thanks everyone.

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stitch Wed 02-Mar-05 20:27:12

im so sorry for you. but i think that there departments dont communicate with each other at all. a friend of mine lost her baby at seven days old, and she still kept getting stuff in. despite writing to them. very very insensitive.

Twiga Fri 04-Mar-05 10:25:22

Oh tassis, that's pants {{{hugs}}}, lol x

tassis Fri 04-Mar-05 18:46:33

Thanks Twiga! I'm fine about it now. It just kind of took the wind out of my sails for a bit...

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dyzzidi Tue 08-Mar-05 12:31:28

God how awful I got an email yesterday from some stupid stupid website saying that as my baby would soon be arriving had I thought about car seats!

I would have been due on 7 April and coming after an uncomfortable mothers day it reduced me to tears. Thanks for that email address I will go and register now.

Its strange I don't even remember looking at car seats let alone on the internet.

tassis Tue 08-Mar-05 12:35:23

So sorry dyzzidi...

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Issymum Tue 08-Mar-05 12:53:40

I'm so sorry to hear this.

If you have the energy to do so, you could write to Huggies and ask them where they got your details from. They are legally required to respond.

If you are not satisfied with the response from Huggies, you could make a complaint to the Information Commissioner. Huggies has probably breached data privacy law if they 1. have your details on their marketing database without your permission and 2. if they have sent you an unsolicited marketing email without your express consent to receive emails from them.

This is exactly the kind of thing that data privacy laws are intended to prevent and the Commissioner may (only "may") pursue it, particularly if he receives several complaints.

The website with all the details about how to complain is here: Information Commissioner Website

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