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poem for all mums who have terminated for medical reasons

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loobeylou Sun 21-Sep-08 01:05:47

just wanted to share this poem which I found immenseley comforting when I lost a dd 4 years ago

My Two Sides

*Why did this have to happen to us?*
You may never know the answer to that.

*Am I being punished?*
How could you think of something so precious as punishment?

*I feel so empty.*
Yes, but this was not always so.
Remember how long you had her with you.

*I don’t know if I can bear this pain.*
It is tremendous, but you chose to take your pain and hers.

*Would it have been better if I had not known you at all?*
No. You are blessed to have been touched by this life.

*I wanted you so badly.*
Oh, but she wanted you too. You were chosen from all others.

*I had so much love to give.*
And you did. She knew nothing but your love.

*I would have been a good mother to you.*
You were. You made the decision only a good mother could.

*I wanted to protect you from the world.*
You did. She only experienced
the comfort and safety of your womb.

*I wanted to have you with me forever.*
She will always be with you. To love, time does not exist.

*I would give anything to hold you once more.*
You will hold her in your heart forever.

(Author unknown –found on internet)

IamRiallyindisguise Sun 21-Sep-08 22:25:35

That is beautiful.

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